A Lazy July

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Hello Everyone! Hoping your summer (or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere) is going well! Everyone is probably busy with their summer (or winter) plans, so I’ll keep it short. Here at Informer, we had a bit of a slow start to July, but we’re still here to give you some great articles to read.

Alex’s Analysis returns with Runescape on the Go, a look at Jagex’s latest news that Runescape will be coming to mobile devices. In the article, Alex discusses how technology for developing mobile games has really caught up in just the past few years, and just how Jagex could pull off a feat such as translating the complex Runescape UI and how more difficult tasks such as multiplayer bossing could be accomplished. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic speculation over what Jagex could do to bring Runescape to the smaller screen but a bigger audience.

Next up was Tanis, with a great article about the future of Virtual Reality in video gaming, and how VR is Bridging the Gaps for the Disabled. I can’t do it justice in words, but Tanis remembers watching Geordie from Star Trek TNG in his childhood, and how he was able to see with a specially made visor. Nowadays, VR is making great strides with technology, and it’s making it a lot easier for gamers who have vision loss, hearing loss, or even mobility impairment, to be able to experience traveling around a game world, that they might never have been able to do in real life.

Last, but certainly not least, was Colton and the second part of Meet the Desert Pantheon, where he describes the final four of the deities of, you guessed it, the Desert Pantheon, and how each of the four is an aspect of the god Tumeken. If you’ve wanted to learn more about the gods and what they’re all about, check out Colton’s article, complete with pictures!

In Skill of the Month news, July’s Magic contest saw an all time low of 4 contestants, but it was still a fascinating race between Pyrnassius and Xbladez. Pyrnassius was able to maintain his slim lead right up to the end, and won with 17.6M xp over Xbladez’ 16.2M xp. Thanks to all (4) competitors, and congratulations to Pyrnassius! Here is your trophy:

Well, I’m off to have a good start to August! We’ll be back in a month to recap August at RsBandB. Have a good rest of your summer (or winter)!

King Kulla

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