Marching Forward

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Hello to everyone in Rsbandb land! Shane noticed he wrote the last 3 roundups in a row, so he decided to force-err…allow me to write this one!

In Informer territory we had 3 great articles from our veteran writer team. Colton started us off with The (Not So) Signature Heroes which was a look at Jagex’s attempt to bring in NPC’s with a bit more depth to them. Tanis wrote about Jagex Going Back To GameBlast, and their partnership with Special Effect to help bring gaming to people with disabilities. Finally, Alex brings some stellar analysis as usual with The Master of Clues, a look at his adventure with treasure trails. Shane did not write an article this month, but he promises me he will write one next month. I figure if I put it here it will hold him to it!

Shane would like me to mention the Weekly Byte, which is a byte-sized Youtube video that provides a quick rundown of the week’s update and the pertinent patch notes of the week. The Weekly Byte releases every Monday, and can be found on the main Rsbandb Youtube channel at

In other Rsbandb news, Xbladez constructed a 18.3M xp win in February’s Construction Skill of the Month contest, leaping past Pyrnassius (15.9M xp) and Sorensen57 (12.5M xp). Congratulations Xbladez, here is your pixel based trophy:

That’s all for me this week, we’ll see you next month!

King Kulla

It’s Over October

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Inventor September

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A Lazy July

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If I May?

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