Dragon Our Way Out of August

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Hello RsBandB community! Hopefully everyone’s summer has been awesome, as somehow we’re now already heading into fall! We had a busy August over at Informer, so let’s head right on in. Cireon started us off this month with Dungeons & Dragons, peering into the world of the godfather of tabletop RPGs, and the fascinating nuances that goes along with everyone’s favourite geeky game: DnD. David kept the dragon theme going, and wrote about the new elite dungeon release, the Dragonkin Laboratory, and about how Dragons are Always Worth the Wait. It’s true! Alex then bid farewell to Runescape Classic in a touching eulogy complete with pictures! Jagex recently shut down the last Runescape Classic servers, ending a chapter in the life of an early King Kulla’s Runescape career. Finally, Tanis ended off the month with a look forward into Gaming’s Fall Lineup, with a rundown of his most anticipated games to be released later this year, including the newest Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, and more!

In Skill of the Month news, the August Construction SkotM was won by Sorensen57, who was able to construct a win by amassing over 40M xp! In second place was Pyrnassius with 22M xp. Congratulations to Sorensen, here is your pixel based trophy of excellence!

Well that’s all for us at RsBandB, we’ll see you next month with another exciting episode of the Monthly Roundup!

Until we meet again,

King Kulla

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