Fall’s Well that Ends Well

posted by on 2nd October 2018, at 2:14am

Well, the leaves are starting to change colour, the nights are getting cooler, and Northern Canada is getting snow again. That can only mean one thing: that September is over! Someone tell Green Day that they can wake up now! Anyways, here at RsBandB, September being over means that I get a chance to tell you about all the goings on around everyone’s Runescape fansite. In Informer news, we had lots of great articles. Starting off the month was our dear leader Shane, who took the time to proselytize about his favourite Runescape religion, Farming, in his article about Player Owned Farms. Next, Alex covered the most interesting facet of the new POF update, Dragons, and the infuriating art of the Rare Drop. Next, Tanis wrote about different types of Runescape gamers, in particular that which he feels he himself is, the Casual Gamer. Finally, Cireon took a deep dive into the idea of Tech Trees, and how they could have been successfully implemented in Runescape. We’ll have lots of fun articles next month, I’m sure we’ll have

In Skill of the Month news, the September Farming SkotM was won by Sorensen57, who was able to farm enough XP (27.7M) to win! In second place was PoisonNova with 9.2M xp. Congratulations to Sorensen, here is your pixel based trophy of excellence!

Well that’s all for us at RsBandB, we’ll see you next month with another exciting episode of the Monthly Roundup!

Until we meet again,

King Kulla

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