Time For Some Endgame Music

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Hello again everyone, as summer reaches its zenith, it’s time to go over all the goings on at RsBandB. We had a smaller amount of articles this past month than usual owing to usual summertime distractions and diversions, but what we did have were excellent.

Alex got us started off with his review of Jagex’s flagship update Land Out of Time in his article This Cover Discovers. Go check it out if you need some tips on how to find zygomites and totem pieces. Cireon continued us through the month by going through the sound design of Runescape, specifically what makes Runescape music so effective at setting a theme. Themes, or leitmotifs show up often in Runescape, and are used as an association to a particular character or place that we can recognize almost instantly. His article The Motive of Leitmotifs shows that leitmotif usage in Runescape could be used even more effectively. Finally our dear leader Shane started a discussion about Endgame. No, not the highest grossing film of all time Avengers: Endgame, the endgame of Runescape, and how experience is so easy to achieve these days that the endgame has become more shallow as time goes on. Check out Searching for the RuneScape Endgame to hear about Shane’s ideas as to what Jagex can do to solve that problem.

This month our two Skill of the Month competitions were Hunter and Agility. Congratulations to Pyrnassius, who was the fastest hunter! He won both competitions. Here are your trophies:

June 2019 Divination Trophy June 2019 Runecrafting Trophy

August’s SkotM competitions will be Farming and Crafting. Go sign up!

Well, that’s it for me this month, have a good rest of the summer everyone!

King Kulla

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