Alex’s Analysis – Coming Full Circle

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Caution; there will be spoilers ahead, but if you didn’t avidly do quests to begin with, I don’t know how on Earth you are reading this right now.

You know that absolute best part of a quest is? When they throw those sudden random curveballs. Like V’s quest, for example, where we are promised a quest featuring the Fremennik and their deity, only for him to suddenly get slain by the dragonkin in the first real Dragonkin-lore heavy quest in RuneScape. And at the time, they were always eluded to as an immensely powerful, shadow-hidden species starting to rise again. Nobody sees it coming, it was never advertised in the updates, and nobody teased it in the video docs. All we knew was that it was a Fremmenik quest, and that was it! It was nuts!

And I loved it! It was like me going into a Dairy Queen for a sundae and they surprised me with a parfait at the same price. Not what I asked for, but undeniably better, so I really cannot complain.

We have seen a number of quests do this, like the

But now, with the Twilight of the Gods quest, coming so shortly after the finale of the Elder Gods series (or so we thought), I didn’t think there was going to be any more big surprises in store. Sure, I expected that we were gonna be fighting Zamorak for a bit of vengeance against what he did during said series, and quite frankly he’s had it a long time coming. But how we are going to do it, and all the in-between stuff… holy smokes, I was NOT prepared for it!

I’ll summarize, and again, spoilers. After some investigation into an incursion of demons, it starts off by chatting with Naressa, who’s personally been my favorite dragonkin so far as far as they go, and holy fudge she stars in a quest so hype! But she’s not alone; we’ve got Gregorovic there too!


And that’s not all! And he’s been so absent in all of this compared to other pivotal boss characters like Helwyn, Vindicta and Gorvek, and even the Twin Furies. Part of me imagine that, since the other three bosses pulled out, he’d have the Heart of Gielinor to himself, so why wasn’t he capitalizing on it? The answer; he’s not actually Gregorovic, but an abyssal demon merged with his soul!


And that’s not all! After investigating the demon incursion, we end up doing a side quest where we help out kalgerion demons and abyssal lords, who end up revealing to us that they were the missing dragonkin tribe all along who had traded bodies just like the yellow salamanders!


We haven’t even gotten into the meat of the quest involving Zamorak, and already all this crazy stuff is going on involving some really cool characters and revealing so many cool things! SO HYPE! I’M STOKED!

You complete the puzzle, which is just the right level of tedious and complex, yet relatively straightforward, and you finally actually complete the quest’s first step; figuring out where these demons are coming from. Surprise surprise, it’s Zamorak. He’s replenished his forces from the Elder God Wars and is striking Gielinor hard in full opportunist fashion. Saradomin just can’t keep up, and he’s getting chastised by the Godless in the process.

The world needs the World Guardian. It needs Guthix. And since he’s not around, you as the World Guardian will have to do. And thus, in order to defeat Zamorak, you’ll have to fulfill your destiny:

Restoring the Edicts of Guthix. The spell that broke with Guthix’ death that allowed the Gods to return to Gielinor. After some experimentation, you determine several things about this method. While it is possible to perform, you will need to make a sacrifice. Not only will this spell banish ALL the Gods (sorry, Armadyl…), but it will also consume your World Guardian powers.

With the edicts back up, the Gods will be banished again, and you will return to a regular human adventurer.

That’s right. The questline has come full circle, resetting Gielinor back to the state it was in during the Fifth Age.

… say it with me now…


I mean, what a way to end it! An actual conclusion to the entire questline that returns us back to the regular Runescape timeline ,thus allowing us to not only carry on with other cool questlines, but also give way for a whole new epic quest series! The potential of a 7th Age, the threat of a whole new force of destruction even scarier than the Elder Gods (Erebus and Zaros), and the freed-up resources and development potential for telling whole new stories and lore is just way too hype for me to handle! It’s like we’re heading right into Runescape 4 after this next event, and by golly, we’re going in with a bang!

I’m excited. I loved this quest because it was crazy with the reveals and it has left me so excited. Way to go, folks at Jagex; you’ve become absolutely phenomenal at telling stories.

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

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