Summer’s Sizzling Deals

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Editor’s note: All prices are in USD. The Canadian editor got confused as to why things seemed cheaper than he thought… – King Kulla


The Steam summer sale is back, and I’m here to tell you about the best deals and some of my personal recommendations this month. Of course there are more deals than any one person could ever want or buy, but I’m sure we will all pick something up either to play or to just set in our Steam libraries indefinitely. This year Steam is bringing out the Steam Grand Prix. Essentially you’ll pick a team to compete with and do quests to help your team win. The prize is the top game on your Steam wish list. Now let’s get into it and see what deals we just can’t live without this time around.

Of course the Valve Complete bundle is being offered at a huge discount of 92% off, making it only $9.69. This includes games like Counter Strike, Half Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead and many more. Another one of the best deals this year is the Borderlands Handsome edition with a whopping 97% off, you really can’t go wrong with this classic. You get Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the prequel and all of the DLC for both games for only $3.70. Last but not least of the huge discounts I want to share with you is the Deus Ex Collection. This collection is 88% off coming in at only $10.60.

Next up are the games that have a little less of a markdown but still great deals. To start off with, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is at a 50% markdown coming in at only $29.99. This is a great game it’s fun and action packed with really good story telling and a wonderfully recreated ancient Greek world. Monster Hunter World is also on a 50% discount. This game is great fun for fans of solo play or multiplayer. The game looks great and is easy to learn. It’s only $29.99 right now so grab it while it’s hot. Another game coming in with a 50% discount is Dead By Daylight. This is a four vs one horror game where one person is a savage killer and the others are trying to survive. It’s fun and has a pretty dedicated community of players. At only $9.99 you really can’t go wrong. For the strategy loving gamers out there Total War Warhammer is also 50% off. Whether you’re a Warhammer fan or a Total War fan this game is for you. It has everything that makes each series great and it’s really fun to see these battles come to life. Lastly, Civilization VI is an absolute steal at a 75% discount coming in at only $14.99. What can I say it’s arguably the best strategy franchise of all time and this one definitely lives up to the hype.

Before I share my recommendations for this years summer sale I want to touch on an often overlooked part of the sale, DLC. I know we all think DLC is a cash grab and it should be free, but that is not the reality we are living in. Therefore I’ll point out some great DLC deals. First off the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone are on sale for $7.99 and $8.99 respectively. This is still a great game and these expansions are really good and worth the money. Another great game with lots of DLC on sale is Total War Rome II. This is a great game on its own and it packs a ton of playtime in its standard edition, but if you want to add to it there are some really great deals. Rocket League and Middle Earth Shadow of War also have several of their DLC packs on sale as well. Now you know that even if you’re not in the market for new games you can still reap the rewards of the summer sale by finishing off some of your favorite games already in your library.

Now it’s time to give you my personal favorites from this year’s sale. Let’s begin with the Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition. Yes it’s getting a little older now but it is still an amazing game that is so much fun. This edition comes with both DLC’s too so it’s a great deal at $14.99. No Man’s Sky has had its problems at launch, but the game has grown by leaps and bounds. It is a really good game now and worth the $29.99 sale price. Friday The 13th The Game is on sale for an absurd sale price of $3.99. This game to has had ups and downs but for that price you really should try it out. It’s a similar concept to Dead By Daylight. Only this time it’s Jason and you are at Camp Crystal Lake with all the gruesome ways to kill from the movies. Injustice 2 is also on a 50% sale. The legendary edition is only $29.99. This game is the best story driven fighting game that has ever been created. If you are a fan of the DC universe you need this game in your life. If indies are more your style try Turmoil. It’s 50% off right now only $4.99 and this game is simple and fun. You buy a deed to a plot of land and drill for oil upgrading your equipment as you go. It’s set in the late 1800’s during the Texas oil rush. Stardew Valley doesn’t have as drastic of a markdown at only 20% but it’s only $11.99 so it’s still cheap and if you haven’t experienced the simple charm of this game you really should. Finally my top pick is The Elder Scrolls Online base edition. It’s only $9.99 right now. I can’t say enough good about this game. Its great with friends and, it’s great solo. If you like quests this game is for you. The world is rich and filled with tons of lore. The base edition is a great way to find out if you like the game or not. If you do there are many ways to keep the adventure going. The new Elsweyr expansion is great and if you become a premium member you’ll get all of that.

Well there you have it some of the best deals on PC games right now. I know you told yourself you weren’t going to buy games at the summer sale this year only to have them sit in your library and never get played. I know your trying to be strong, however look at it this way, you’re almost losing money by not taking advantage of these deals. I mean you could be saving so much money. Anyway whether you participate in the sale or not I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Until next time, Happy RuneScaping.

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