Fly By November

posted by on 3rd December 2018, at 5:07am

Hello, fellow RsBandBers! Your friendly neighbourhood King Kulla here, asking the important question, where did November go? Seriously it felt like it was just the end of summer a few weeks ago. Anyway, let’s have a look at what happened at RsBandB in this oddly short month.

Informer had a few really great articles come out. First, our Dear Leader Shane got to talk about one of his passions, economics, in the Unpacking of Jagex’s Financials, where he looked at a financial report from 2016 to try to extrapolate just where Jagex was able to get its profits from. Next, we had Alex analyzing the newest quest The Needle Skips, including what the needle actually looks like. Finally, we had Cireon discuss the effectiveness of finely tuning the Mining and Smithing skills in the aptly named article The Power of Polish. There you have it. Stay tuned in to Informer for some really great articles next month as we close out the year.

In Skill of the Month news, we had a new champion! Our very own Informer writer and sometimes podcast host Tanis was able to cook up a winning meal in our November Cooking SkotM. He amassed a total of 72.3M xp, just barely beating out Flash’s 70.7M xp. Flash also maxed out his Cooking XP, and special mention should go to bobcats2018, who was able to get 278,000xp despite starting from just 2,819xp total! Congratulations to all competitors for their amazing successes, and congratulations to Tanis! Here is your trophy:

November 2018 SKOTM Trophy

Well, that’s all for me! See you in the new year everyone!

King Kulla

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