Forecasting February

posted by on 2nd February 2019, at 3:46am

Hello RsBandB! I’m back again to take a look back on the first month of the year at RsBandB, and to look ahead to what looks to be an exciting month ahead.

Informer saw some great articles from our quintet of writers, starting off with Tanis’s Mining and Smithing Rock, about, you guessed it, the long awaited Mining and Smithing rework, and the many ways that it makes life easier. Next, we had Alex’s analysis on the Mining and Smithing update and how it’s Refining the Process. David’s PvM article this month focuses on Why Patch Weeks Matter and the small but beneficial impacts they can have on your whole experience.  Penultimately, Cireon took a look into the game development process and how team building competitions and game jams can really bring out the Heart of the Game. Finally, our Dear Leader Shane forecasted Jagex’s 2019 Victory Strategy, and the 3 keys points that Jagex can do to ensure a successful year.

Speaking of game design and the future of RuneScape, be sure to check out our current monthly bit. You can find that at RsBandB’s Patreon and you can also gain access to the entire catalog of bits for as little as $1/month.

In Skill of the Month, we had a4 way race, which was won by Sorensen57 with 61.2M xp. Congrats to all competitors, and here is your winning trophy!

That’s all for me this month, have a safe February!

King Kulla

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