Showering April’s Informer

posted by on 1st April 2019, at 11:44pm

Hello everyone, as March comes to a close, I hope to wish everyone a happy return to spring and warmer weather (at least, in the northern hemisphere). In Informer our team put out some very good quality articles for your perusal. Alex covered the removal of Bounty Hunter in his article Killing it with Fire, as well as a brief history of PvP in Runescape, and how Bounty Hunter slowly became more and more obsolete. Following up with the theme of change, Cireon wrote about how in Runescape The Old Makes Way For The New, and how Jagex is continually renewing and pruning the hedges that is Runescape so that people continue to play. Finally, Tanis takes a look at Alt accounts, in his article Alt-terrior Motives (aha, a pun!) and the best way for you to maximize these secondary characters, and how it affects the game as a whole.

In Skill of the Month news, we are going to be making changes to SkotM starting in May. If you wish to leave your thoughts on how we can revitalize our 13 year old RsBandB institution, click here to go to the forum topic. We appreciate your feedback.

March’s Fishing contest has concluded, with Sorensen57 taking the win with 17.5m xp gained, with Pyrnassius in 2nd with 7.2M xp and Flash 3rd with 6.3m xp. Congratulations to Sorensen, and thanks to all of our competitors for joining in.

March 2019 SKOTM Trophy

With that said, see you next month for another edition of the Informer roundup! Have a good April everyone.

King Kulla

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