It’s Over October

posted by on 2nd November 2017, at 1:41am

Hello everyone! I’m back to tell you all about what happened at RsBandB this October. In Informer happenings, we had a fair number of good articles penned by our four writers. To start the month, Alex wrote about Runescape’s biggest free to play update in a long time, then Shane discussed The Reality of Micro Transactions, a hotly contested topic in the community right now. Tanis described the limited time zombie horde survival horde game Dimension of the Damned. Finally, Colton did a recap of all the pirate quests in A Primer on Piracy.

In Skill of the Month news, competitors went on the Attack, and Pyrnassius ended up on top of the pile with 9.4M xp, ahead of Jamandy52’s 7.3M xp. Congratulations Pyrnassius, here is your trophy!

Well that’s all for me, have a good November everyone!

King Kulla

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