Putting the mmmbrrrrr in September

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Hello everyone, how’s everyone doing this fine evening? No brainpower for a pun this time, so I thought I’d go for some onomatopoeia! Everyone likes that, right?

To start off with, the entire Informer team would like to thank Duke Juker for his many years of service in writing out many great articles to do with video gaming, or even just life in general. For his last article, he has produced one of my favourite articles; it’s a review of Wargaming’s latest game World of Warships. Thanks for 4 great years of articles, and good luck with what you decide to do next!

In completely unrelated news *cough*, we are looking for a new gaming writer! Write about your most recent video game purchased, and why you like it, in a 750 word article and send it to either Shane or myself. Please include your Runescape name, country and timezone, as well as the easiest way to contact you back. We look forward to hearing from you!

As for the other Informer articles this past month, we had a bevy of great Runescape articles, starting with Colton’s Unpacking of the Cold War quest, and all of the real life references contained within! Mr Bistro discussed Runefest, past and present, and Alex wrote about the new Vampire quest! Mason laments the lack of voice acting in Runescape, asking Jagex to Speak Up, and Tanis wrote about everyone’s favourite elf city, Prifddinas! Finally, in Appl- I mean, Tech News this month, Shane unsurprisingly took the opportunity to discuss Apple’s latest gadgets and improvements and how they are Advancing the Computing Ecosystem.

Who won this past month’s skill of the month, pray tell? Well, Arceus clearly prayed a lot to get the win, so we got to come up with a great trophy for him to show off to all of his followers! Here you go:

Alright, hope you guys have a great month, and stay safe on Halloween! Talk to you soon.

King Kulla

A Busy August

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August 2009: Wrapping Up Summer

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With August behind us it’s time to look forward to September and new opportunities. Before we do that let’s take a look back at what August brought. August was a rather quiet month on Runescape. Our first article was on the new quest Fur ‘n’ Seek which is the sequel to the Rag and Boneman […]
July was kicked off with the much anticipated Mobilising Armies which also spurred another Tips of The Trade article on the subject. Jason released an article categorizing Special Attacks and analysing them. Next up was Faruq’s Tools for Games and some controversial bounty world changes. Alex started building a catalogue of all available foods in […]
Welcome once again to July, the first full month of summer! This month we started of with What’cha wearing? Part 4 courtesy of Jason. Part 5 was also published later in the month. Next up was The Hunt for Red Raktuber, the continuation of the Penguin story line courtesy of Kirby. June also brought us […]

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