A Busy August

posted by on 2nd September 2010, at 3:21am

What a busy month at RSBandB for Informer! Tim kicked off the month nicely with the second part of his all time quests and quest storylines to complete. Next, Chris wrote an informative article detailing how to most effectively utilize your hard won brawling gloves. Kirby pointed out the unrealistic nature of Runescape (but why that makes the game so much fun), and Jason took a look at “what’cha wearing” to combat magic attacks most effectively. Finally, Alex discussed roleplaying and how we incorporate it into Runescape, sometimes without even knowing it!

In the world of technology, Paul taught us how to jailbreak an older iOS device to get the most out of it, since jailbreaking is legal now after all. Shane compared the three most widely used modern operating systems, while debating the positives and negatives of each. And Aquw submitted a guest article talking about what kinds of computer security we might have overlooked! A reminder to those who wish to submit a guest article, please click here.

For the gamers out there, Mr. Pink gave a thrilling review of Alan Wake, a survival horror game. Also, Directxfire showed us how mods to our favourite games can allow us to continue on, even when we’ve finished the game! In music, Kenny wrote about upcoming British bands and how they’re making Britain a force in the music industry.

In the Hunter Skill of the Month, Tim and Meltdown were in a race to the finish and with an astounding leapfrog on the last two days of competition, Meltdown pulled away from Tim to capture the win!

Congratulations Meltdown, here is your trophy:

August Skotm Trophy

RSBandB celebrated its 6th birthday this past August, and the Events Crew were busy beavers getting innovative events set up for the special occasion.

Alex_SE won the RSBandB Photo contest, blowing the competition away with two stunning pictures.

Earth, Magnegnagan, and Lord Steemo were co-winners of the RSBandB Scavenger Hunt, and Jay won the Star Hunting event.

Jason, Alex SE, iLethalDose, and Lord Steemo were on the winning team in the Site Owner Wars.

Other successful events included a TF2 Party Mode game hosted by Paul, The ever popular Boss Takedown, a Wilderness Takeover in PvP, a trip to the Fishing Trawler, Hot Potato (Runescape Tag, anyone?). Unfortunately, attendance was low for the Amazing Rune Race, but we can always hope for more people next time.

At this time, I’d like to mention that anyone can host their own event, by posting the event on Runewire and/or the forums! Anyone who posts their event at least 48 hours in advance can PM Mike or Shane in the 48 hours prior to the event start to have it added to the ticker. Check the Community Hosted Events forum for more details.

That’s all for this month; RSBandB hopes you all have a good September!

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