October: Death, Darkness, and the Human Side

posted by on 2nd November 2015, at 9:00am

Welcome to another fine edition of the mighty Informer roundup!

This month I’ll be taking you through our round of articles. And what a month it’s been morbid at times but that’s okay, because it is the month of Halloween after all. Starting off the month on the Dark theme, Tanis gave us a rundown of DarkScape and some tips for getting started. The tips and more can be found in his aptly titled plea to Come To The Dark Side. Continuing on, Lord Rickles talked about one of the RuneFest announcements: Invention and specifically its current place as a skill. Are you looking forward to this new type of skill? Let us know. October was certainly the month to discuss RuneFest announcements, Alex talked about two perhaps overlooked areas of RuneFest: Oculus and Bottle Quests. While RuneFest has just ended planning for next years event is already underway, even for one of our writers. Mr. Bistro plans to attend RuneFest next year by using as much in game wealth as possible, to do this he’s setting new goals. In our penultimate piece this month I talk about how the human being should always triumph over the individual and the negatives this has lead to in modern society. Finally, Colton gives us a run down on the lore of RuneScape’s underworld. Included is an explanation of how death works in RuneScape and the relationship between Icthlarin and Amascut to coincide with the Halloween event.

In this month’s Skill of The Month competition Ataronchronon (Touchpad Pro) gained 40,953,418 mining experience. He informs me that it was meant to be higher but nonetheless, this is still an impressive achievement. Here’s your trophy:

October 2015 SKOTM Trophy

Rounding out the top three were Ka Pai with 7.1 million experience and Pyrnassius with 6.4 million experience gained.

We are once again looking to add to our writing roster. If you’re interested in writing about games other than RuneScape please consider applying. Here’s how:

  • Write a 750 word article about your most recent video game purchased. Include why you like it and what’s great about it.
  • Send it to either King Kulla or myself via the forums.
  • Please also include your RuneScape name (if you play), your country, your timezone, and the easiest way to contact you.

That’s all for October.

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