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Hello everyone!

October is over and we’re eagerly awaiting the launch of 120 Farming, 120 Herblore, and The Ranch Out of Time. Folks have been hunting on Anachronia for Jadinkos and ABSOLUTE UNITS in preparation. If you want to hear more about our thoughts on these updates and the new skill, Archaeology, listen to our RuneFest review podcast. Those of you reading are probably wondering what Informer was up to this month, read on for that!

It’s a yearly fall tradition around Informer to analyze Jagex’s financials for the previous year. In 2018 Jagex saw increased growth in terms of profit and revenue and one key contraction. That contraction speaks volumes and leads into some of our other article this month. But nonetheless, this analysis is based purely on the numbers and it tells an interesting story. Read Examining Jagex’s 2018 financials here.

Jagex recently hired a new executive producer for RuneScape, Mod Warden. He has an impressive resume boasting work on Fortnite and Overwatch amongst others. In Let’s Give Mod Warden a Chance Tanis talks about the past of monetization in RuneScape and how if theories are right, Mod Warden is going to attempt to change RuneScape’s monetization model.

Alex also took interest in what Mod Warden had to say, in particular, how he said it. Here at Informer we believe that how you get your message across is as important as the message itself. Of highest interest was Mod Warden’s decision to open up a dedicated email channel where anyone could share their thoughts, good or bad, with him. In With The New shows that meaning goes deeper than the words on top and that’s what we’re all about here at Informer.

Finally, David asks the question about what PvM may look like in a few years. The perception is often that the PvM crowd wants to be insulated and within their own circles. David argues that for PvM to thrive in the next few years it must be made more interesting to the wider RuneScape community. Read more of his thoughts in PvM in the 2020s, Reflecting on the 2010s, What’s Next?

Our Skills of The Month Competitions saw Ukn Raptoid take a double victory in Dungeoneering and Thieving. Congratulations on the wins, here are your trophies:

October 2019 Dungeoneering Trophy October 2019 Dungeoneering Trophy

That’s all for this month, expect a healthy dose of Farming and Herblore in November!

Examining Jagex’s 2018 Financials

posted by on 25th October 2019, at 3:23am | Discuss Article
The RuneScape community has a constant penchant for standing up against microtransactions. New RuneScape executive producer Mod Warden mentioned this specifically in his introductory newscast today. He stated that “[t]he truth is that membership alone is not sufficient to keep the game healthy and evolving.” We can also see this from the 2018 financial reports […]

Farming Money

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With the recent nerfs to the Player Owned Farm there was immediate concern that the upkeep of the farm would be too expensive. Farming has always been a unique skill in that it creates its own ecosystems. What does this mean? This means that once you get started with a small infusion, Farming becomes self […]

Breaking Out of Summer

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Greetings, Summer is over and we’ve just witnessed one of the largest RuneScape updates ever this past summer. This month our articles hover around Anachronia in places and have honest discussions about the future of RuneScape (though we do that almost every month). We also managed to come up with an impressive slate of articles […]

Farming for Answers

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Farming was released in July 2005 and at the time was the most unique skill in RuneScape. You could plant some trees or herbs, walk away, come back and get experience. Everything to date prior to Farming required you to actively engage. This combined with the agriculture aspect, the fact that many people disliked it, […]

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