Double March with a Mod

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Hello everyone!

February was an absolutely amazing month for us here. February brings GameBlast and Double XP Weekend, the best Double XP weekend of the year. This year in addition to usual celebrations we had much more. Tanis wrote about RuneScape’s Road to Accessibility covering what RuneScape does already do and what it could do better. Along side this we also had Mod Poerkie on RSBANDBUpdate! to discuss the charity SpecialEffect and RuneScape accessibility.

We also got some special insight on patch notes and the decisions behind them. So give this one a listen.

February also saw the finale of the Elite Dungeon trilogy. In The Shadow Reef we meet up with The Ambassador and put an end to his cruel plans. This update also shipped with a hidden quest which we overjoyed to be able to play. But the true news of the week was that The Ambassador provides one of the most fun bossing experiences (according to our resident PvM expert David) in RuneScape. Read about the combat side of The Shadow Reef in High Highs and Low Lows.

Further amplifying the high energy nature of February was Double XP weekend. Gone are the days where it’s just a flat 2x multiplier, now it’s often much more with bonus experience. Cireon has sworn off Treasure Hunter for about 6 months now and he gives us a check-in with how that’s impacted his gaming experience. Sometimes you just got to Hunt Your Own Treasures.

You’d think February was done? Nope. The month also saw the addition of Cheesecake into RuneScape. Cheesecake was introduced with a classic bottle quest, Chef’s Assistant. It’s been 18 years since we were asked to make our first cake in Cook’s Assistant and this is a worthy sequel. This is what defines classic RuneScape, so much so that it’s a Guide Quest!

Also, check out my run through the RuneScape settings in Examining Togglescape where I note down some toggles that just shouldn’t be around anymore.

This month we also had a guest article celebrating the one year anniversary of the Treasure Trail rework. In a guest article provided by Derparnieux from Clan Quest he goes over how to efficiently hunt clues. Some have a love/hate relationship with Clue Scrolls but this Comprehensive Clue Guide will make you a tiny bit more efficient.

Congratulations to Sorensen57 for winning our February Defence Skill of the Month competition. he gained 35,589,010 experience. Congratulations to all other competitors as well for your efforts.

Here is your trophy:
February 2019 SKOTM Trophy

We’ll see you next month!

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