July was kicked off with the much anticipated Mobilising Armies which also spurred another Tips of The Trade article on the subject. Jason released an article categorizing Special Attacks and analysing them. Next up was Faruq’s Tools for Games and some controversial bounty world changes. Alex started building a catalogue of all available foods in Runescape and their prices. We also have an article on this month’s quest: The Curse of Arrav. The month was wrapped up with Kirby’s Clutter Control Part 2.

Kenny wrote a review of X-Men Origins. Ryan wrote about Guitar Hero Marketing and just how they manage to keep bringing out new versions of the game. I take a look at Virtualisation and just where it’s heading in the future and how it can benefit you today.

We set another Skill of The Month record with Fletching. A grand total of 67,979,399 experience was gained by all competitors. Mli 699 (Tim of Informer) won with 14,701,535 experience gained, also setting a record for the highest amount of winning experience gained. Congratulations!

July SKOTM Trophy

With this being said August 6th marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of RSBandB. We’ll be hosting some special events over the next week. So check out the forums to learn more.

See you next month.

Welcome once again to July, the first full month of summer! This month we started of with What’cha wearing? Part 4 courtesy of Jason. Part 5 was also published later in the month. Next up was The Hunt for Red Raktuber, the continuation of the Penguin story line courtesy of Kirby. June also brought us […]
Shwa opened the month with a fascinating article about The Geology of Runescape. Next up was Kenny with a review of Resident Evil 5. Jason continued with his What’cha wearing? series with Part 3. As we move closer to the release of Windows 7 Paul took a look at the Release Candidate. Another Windows 7 […]

A Review of April

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We opened up April with an article on “Glorious Memories” from Tim. Following this in Runescape articles was the Easter 2009 update, and finally a look at “The Tale of the Muspah“. This month Jason continued with What’cha wearing? Part 2. Kirby sorted through the existing special attacks in Runescape creating a Top 10 list. […]

Clothing, Items, Absurdities for March

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Hey Everyone March was a full month of Runescape Randomness and Absurdities all while deciding what to wear. Along side this we have a reinterpretation of some uncommon items and a look at bandit training. We also covered The Chosen Commander, the last quest in the Goblin story line. This month in gaming Kenny reviewed […]

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