June 2009: Running Around With Agility, Games, and Windows 7

posted by on 1st July 2009, at 9:25pm

Welcome once again to July, the first full month of summer!

This month we started of with What’cha wearing? Part 4 courtesy of Jason. Part 5 was also published later in the month. Next up was The Hunt for Red Raktuber, the continuation of the Penguin story line courtesy of Kirby. June also brought us the much anticipated run upgrade which Alex covered. Meanwhile, Tim gave us a primer on how to find penguins. Jagex also adjusted the PvP system along with Gravestones covered by Jason. Finally the last update for June were the extended Agility courses, which was aptly covered by Kirby. Kirby also wrote about Clutter Control which is the first in a series of articles on the topic.

June also brought us E3 — which brought us two articles. Kenny asked the question: Could project Natal prove fatal? Ryan took a look at some of the interesting games coming out later this year.

June Tech articles were kicked off with the second part of the Windows 7 experiment. Paul gave us an introduction to something you may or may not know about: Twitter. Finally, with the release of Windows 7 approaching this October I wrote an article giving some pointers on which version should be installed if you are upgrading.

June’s SKOTM was Summoning. This month was the most unpredictable month that we have ever seen in SKOTM due to the nature of Summoning. Xbladez won SKOTM with a lead of 140,121 experience over Tal Ormanda. Xbladez gained 3,378,914 experience. In total 9,931,414 experience was gained by all competitors, good job for everyone at least getting one experience point. Here is your trophy Xbladez:

June SKOTM Trophy

We also have a small survey that we would like you to take at your convenience. The survey will be used to guide the general direction that Informer will head.

Lastly this month we say farewell to Shwa who has been with us since September last year. Bon voyage! At the same time Informer also celebrates its third anniversary! RSBANDBInformer! was started at the end of June 2006. Thank you to all who have contribute dover the past 3 years.

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