A Review of April

posted by on 1st May 2009, at 4:46pm

We opened up April with an article on “Glorious Memories” from Tim. Following this in Runescape articles was the Easter 2009 update, and finally a look at “The Tale of the Muspah“. This month Jason continued with What’cha wearing? Part 2. Kirby sorted through the existing special attacks in Runescape creating a Top 10 list. In light of our new event rotation Tim wrote an article on Pest Control. The month was brought to a close with some final words by Alex on getting a first 99.

Ryan came out with a review for Call of Duty World at War. Meanwhile Paul gave some Spring cleaning tips to keep Windows PCs at Peak Performance.

Something rather remarkable happening in this months Firemaking SKOTM. Marking22 and Power Crazy reached tied with 13M total xp gained. This is the first tie in Skill of the Month history. Overall all competitors gained 38,055,339 xp. Good job, here are your brand new trophies made by Chief Snake:

Marking22 April 2009 SKOTM Trophy

Power Crazy April 2009 SKOTM Trophy

Finally I’d like to take a bit of time and remind you about our new event rotation. Read up for more details.

That’s all for today!

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