Fiery May Begins

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April is done and all joking aside that took place (mostly) on the 1st, it was a great month!

This month starting with our selection of articles we go to something that has been the bedrock of the RuneScape lore experience, miniquests! April saw the release of the miniquest list in RuneScape and with this Alex makes the argument as to why players should be left to discover them on their own in Don’t Tell Us What To Do! The golden rule, think before you speak, is one we’re first taught very early in life. It applies when interacting with people in day to day life but it’s also very important from a PR perspective for large companies. Cireon talks about Jagex and The Story of the Missing Filter when it comes to live streams, news posts, and other levels of communication. There has also been discussion recently about PvM and whether it makes too much money. David has the other side of the perspective in saying that PvM Should Make (Way) More. He looks at supply costs, death costs, and that 50M+ an hour isn’t always guaranteed. Incense sticks arrived in game as a Mod Timbo Firemaking update in March and their impact is still being felt in game. Initially we were promised a Firemaking update but this update touched many other areas of the game for the better. Read the Economy of Updates to get a picture of how major this seemingly minor update was.

April saw us also run our last traditional Skill of the Month competition. Congratulations to Flash for amassing 75,023,476 experience. Here’s your trophy!

April 2019 SKOTM Trophy

May marks a rebirth for our Skill of the Month project. We’re running two competitions, each 10 days long. The Firemaking competition is already underway. We’re also running a Slayer contest that begins on May 11th at game reset time, you can signup for that here. These competitions will carry the prestige of the old but also bring prizes forward (Bonds!) If you’re up for some Slayer sign up, we look forward to seeing the xp rate climb.

In closing this month I’d like to remind everyone to check out our RSBANDBUpdate! Nibbles playlist. This is the best way to get up to date on the best and most important moments of RSBANDBUpdate! RSBANDBUpdate! releases every weekend at and on our YouTube channel.

You can also join our friends’ chat: BitsBytes in game.

See you next month everyone!

PS: We will have an interesting article courtesy of Tanis coming this weekend.

The Economy of Updates

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Each and every game update we receive has the potential to affect the game’s economy. The new Alchemical Onyx jewellery of late 2018 ensured our clue scroll items would maintain constant value. In this case, most of the price of Alchemical Onyx jewellery is dependent on clue scroll items. Recently Firemaking received an update which […]
One of the most controversial debates among the player base across all forums since the release of God Wars Dungeon all the way back in 2007 has been the amount of profit that can be made from PvM vs other parts of the game like skilling. This “problem” became further accentuated in 2011 with the […]

The Story of the Missing Filter

posted by on 19th April 2019, at 3:31am | Discuss Article
Communication is a weird, asymmetric thing. It is really easy to realise that somebody is communicating badly, but it’s very hard to know this about yourself, and improve. Communication is important at different levels as well: from individuals all the way to large communities. You may have guessed correctly: the RuneScape community is just one […]
Heyo, it’s Alex again with another update analysis. Just want to say SPOILER ALERT to some quests, though I’ll try to keep it clean. This one is a relatively simple life-helper. It’s a quest list! … or rather, a mini-quest list! A list of mini-quests. All the in-game mini-quests… in a nice big list… along […]

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