Making Bank in September

posted by on 2nd October 2019, at 2:32am | Discuss Article

Hello everyone, as we roll our way into October, let’s take a look at the goings on at RsBandB this past September. And someone remember to wake up Green Day!

In Informer matters, Cireon started us off this month by Untangling Runescape’s Spaghetti Code. Shane decided to make a lot of money with Farming, and was gracious enough to show us how to do it too. Tanis talked about remastering different parts of the game and how it brings life to old sections. And finally, Alex was completely floored by the Bank rework. Go check out his pictures!

In Skill of the Month news, we held very successful Woodcutting and Mining events. Congratulations to Jamandy52 who had 4.8m Woodcutting XP and Ukn Raptoid with 7.45m Mining XP for their wins! Here are your trophies:

September 2019 Woodcutting Trophy September 2019 Mining Trophy

If you like what we’re doing at Rsbandb and would like to support us with more than just kind words,have a look at our Patreon page. For just a few bucks a month, you could unlock all sorts of great content, and in doing so, help us take Rsbandb to the next level.

Well, that’s it for us this month. Have a safe and happy October everyone!

Alex’s Analysis – Banking on a new Bank

posted by on 1st October 2019, at 2:56pm | Discuss Article
There was an alpha. A beta. A test drive. A great dynamic change. Hundreds of thousands of opinions and comments soared in, were taken into careful consideration, and after thousands upon THOUSANDS or work hours, it is finally complete and brought to Runescape proper! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! The Bankstanding Skill just got a […]

Rescaping the Future

posted by on 29th September 2019, at 3:23am | Discuss Article
Jagex has had many different approaches to designing RuneScape. They focused on what they called “unfinished business” last year. They’ve tried a power to the player’s strategy one year, so on and so on. Once again, they appear to be switching gears and trying another new approach, they are calling “remasters”. They announced this in […]

Farming Money

posted by on 25th September 2019, at 3:02pm | Discuss Article
With the recent nerfs to the Player Owned Farm there was immediate concern that the upkeep of the farm would be too expensive. Farming has always been a unique skill in that it creates its own ecosystems. What does this mean? This means that once you get started with a small infusion, Farming becomes self […]

Untangling Spaghetti Code

posted by on 14th September 2019, at 3:09am | Discuss Article
Spaghetti code is a term that has become disliked by RuneScape players and developers alive. Spaghetti code is often given as reason we are not seeing certain updates or reworks come out in RuneScape. Spaghetti code refers to code that is just as long and tangled as actual spaghetti. Modern programming languages have many ways […]

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