The RuneScape Shop Improvement

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This is the latest attempt by Jagex to ruin the lives of macroers. In case you’ve been hiding beneath a rock for these past few years: there were tons of macroers who would go to a shop, buy all the supplies from that shop, switch to another world, and then repeat the action. The magic shops were especially the victims of these evil level 3 characters. So what did Jagex do? They made all the items in stock infinite and they added a buy-x.

Well, that wasn’t what we expected when we read the behind the scenes about this update. The shop-bots are dead though. So something was achieved. What’s the reason for the change though? Essentially, they rose the price of nearly every item in the game in order to make it so that those shop-bots don’t make any profit any more. However, this brings a lot of consequences with it. So let’s see if this is actually an improvement:

– Items in the market will be more stable. You used to be able to buy elemental runes for 15-25 gp each from other players. Now, you can buy unlimited runes for 17 gp each in the shop. Resulting that no-one will sell those runes above the 17 gp each.

– Honest merchants also made a lot of money with this. Buying low from the shops and selling high to players. Also this became useless. Bronze arrows used to be a good item to merchant. Now we can buy unlimited for 7 gp each lots of players lost their income. (They’ve to train some skills now when they want money.)

– Some items are more easily to obtain, meaning that the price of the item will be lowered. For example, you used to be able to buy 25-50 vials in a shop before it was out of stock. Resulting in a price of 300 gp for each vial. Now we can stay in one world and keep buying those items since they got an infinite stock. Resulting in a price of 150 gp for each vial.

As far as I can say, I like this update. It makes my skills more useful and, frankly, I haven’t seen any shop bots after this update. So I say it’s an improvement. Perhaps not to the shops but at least to the game.

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