German Players gets their own game!

posted by on 28th February 2007, at 6:46pm

Finally after many, many updates in interfaces and such they brought the update that needed those changes. RuneScape in multiple languages!

There are a couple of advantages to this update, which can be found in this update review. I think the major advantage of this updates is for all of us. Not just for the (currently) German players. I always hated it when other players were not speaking English in game. If they do it in private chat I don’t mind, but I truly hated it when they did it in the public chat. So now they got their own world, I hope they all go there. And hence we might even give them a little revenge by entering their worlds and start speaking English. Besides that there will be a lot less noobs in RuneScape. I think that most people act noobish because most players are fairly young and they don’t understand a thing because they can’t read nor speak English. So if those would leave to a world they can understand, well it might just help.

It would also be a huge advantage for the person who is getting asked to test the game (For the people who didn’t knew, players got invited by Jagex to test the game). They basically get a world with at max 400-500 people in it. So that means always empty training spots and such.

Personally I wouldn’t go to another world where they speak different languages. Maybe to practise the languages a bit, but I rather stick to the English ones. I can’t help it but most terms from RuneScape actually sounds better in English than in any other language I can speak. In fact there are some languages where I think some words sounds just plain pathetic. But that’s just me; I bet that there are tons of players who would actually go those worlds.

However, there are some questions which are not answered. I do wonder why they picked Germany as a first language to try out. I think that Scandinavian, Spanish and Dutch are more spoken than German in game. Or at least I’ve never seen someone speaking German in game. Maybe they chose it because it’s an easy language?

How long will it take to translate other languages and what languages will that be? How long does it take to get those German servers open for the public?

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