Saving The Inexperienced

posted by on 30th April 2007, at 10:04pm

If there’s something out there that could possibly harm you, then there are two ways to solve that. You can choose to warn about the danger or you can try to prevent the danger. For the last few weeks, Jagex has decided to just warn the people. However, reading manuals is unfortunately not the strongest part of most people. Nor is reading pop-ups with warnings. In the very first place, it’s a shame that Jagex actually had to start with giving all these warnings. There always seems to be people who try to ruin things for others.

But after many years and probably tons and tons of complaints from users in the inbox of Jagex customer support, they have decided to change some parts in RuneScape. They first decided in April that Luring is now officially against the rules (for the people who are not familiar with luring: Luring is trying to make a trade in the wilderness so that another person can kill the trader and get his wealth). But as they found out quickly that changing rules doesn’t change people. Luring was still being done as you could only report the person who tried to trade you in wilderness. And who cares if a level 3 account gets banned? Before it gets banned you’ve lured so many people it was worth the trouble making it.

So while people keep luring, Jagex has finally changed their view on how to save the inexperienced players. They made a ditch around the entire wilderness. So to actually get into the wilderness you have to do that on purpose. With this addition luring has been truly killed. You truly have to find the biggest idiot on RuneScape that gets over the ditch just to trade you.

But usually, it isn’t that perfect the first time. In my opinion, the ditch could use some graphical updates. Also just like the messages you can skip at the Ardougne lever, you should be able to skip the message from the ditch. However I do think this has to be reset every time you log out. This way Runecrafters will only have a 2 second stop every time they log in. I think they should be able to live with that.

A week after the ditch update Jagex also decided to destroy the password scammers. It’s now impossible for players to tell their password to someone else. Unless you tell it character by character. So yet again, only the most stupid people will give away their password. In my opinion, this is a great update and there is nothing wrong with it. Jagex force people to have weird passwords that don’t show up in dictionaries (or at least not in the English ones). And again the lazy inexperienced people won’t have to read a manual with this update.

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