Grim Tales

posted by on 30th June 2007, at 9:02pm

Grim Tales is one of the fourteen Master Quests in RuneScape. Personally I thought this quest was pretty easy. The hardest part was to get the skill requirements for this quest. Making it for a lot of people a very annoying quest. So far I know this quest leads in having the highest skill requirement of all quests with a 71 woodcutting requirement.

The quest is based on many fairy tales. Some of these aren’t actually written by the Grimm Brothers but there are certain parts in the quest that refer to their fairy tales.

A synopsis of the story:
There was a man named Sylas and he’s a member of a society that collects very, very rare items. He has some magical beans which you can get if you collect two items he needs for his collection. He wants a griffin feather and a special dwarven helmet. In the end you’ll find out that he didn’t needed the dwarven helmet but the potion which was hidden inside the helmet. He then needs you to get a golden goblin from the giant on the clouds. And so your final task it to fight the giant and claim his golden goblin.

One of the funniest things in this quest to do was making up the story for the Grimgnash. Another, not seen before, event was that you had to retrieve a piece of jewelry, stolen by a rat. In order to do that you had to make a potion that shrinks you to the size of a flea. Too bad you can only drink that potion during the quest. Nevertheless it was fun to see huge pieces of cheese.

The fight with the giant was fairly hard. I had to retreat two times with a melee outfit and killed him finally with magic. Too bad you could skip some parts of the quest. You didn’t have to do the piano puzzle if some of your friends told you how to make the potion. Which is bad.

The reward for this quest was pretty good. 30k experience in a variety of skills is good. Plus you can keep the dwarven helmet which alches for 36k.

This quest opens the path to a sequel on the “Witch’s House” quest. The Witch didn’t gave up her experiments and she nearly completed them. So I’m expecting another hard quest coming up. End conclusion is that this was a nice quest.

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