Double Xp Weekend Tips and Tricks

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With all the rumors of the next Double Xp Weekend flying around, it got me thinking. Is the weekend really worth it? Would you really save money from the weekend, as the prices skyrocket from items used for skills? I myself missed the last weekend. I was going to use Dragon Bones to get 70 prayer. I am planning to make the next one, so I got all my bones recently, when the prices were stable. This is a good idea for all of you to think about the next weekend and prepare for it. Here are some good ways to make sure you don’t get ripped off in the rush for items, and maybe you can make a few coins while your at it. The weekend cannot be far away, as there has been a lot of speculation on it coming up soon. Make sure your prepared for the next weekend with these simple tips.


Preparing for what you’re going to do is one of the most important things you can do. If you know what you’re doing, chances are you are going to get the best deal on the items you want to buy. Buy before the weekend is announced, so prices remain unchanged. Find the best money per xp for your training. You only have so much time during double xp weekend to train, if there is anytime to spend a bit of money it is now. I would recommend buying more than you need as you can always do a bit more training if you need and you won’t have to make a pesky trip to the GE and pay outrageous prices for what you need. Again, preparing beforehand is the key to achieving your goal without breaking bank.

Making Gold

If your main interest during the weekend is not xp but making gold, it is very simple to do so. If you buy early (before the weekend is announced, and can keep a few mil in items for a month or two it can pay big time in the end. I personally bought 2k Dragon Bones- only 650 will be used for my training over the weekend, I hope to sell them to make a bit of profit, and to pay off the cost of the prayer training that weekend.

Questions from the Last Weekend:

Q: What do you do if you’re looking for items over the weekend?

A: I would suggest using everything possible- the forums are a great tool for finding people selling items cheaply. There are a lot of good deals on there. If you cannot find anything, head to the GE on a popular world, and look around for people selling what you need. You may be able to strike a deal with them.

Q: Why can’t I buy anything on the GE?

A: During the weekend many people are looking for the same items, they all have offers in. Because many people train expensive skills, such as Prayer and Summoning, there aren’t as many people out gathering bones and Summoning materials, however, there is more demand for them. It can be a good way to make gold, as almost every item used will go up in price during the weekend.

Q: How can I know when to prepare for the next weekend?

A: You really can’t know, so it is good to buy what you need ASAP. To make some gold, buy extras and sell during the weekend.

Q: When do prices go down after the weekend?

A: The prices drop off at different times. Some of the items dropped off right away, where others dropped days and weeks later.

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