Money Tips – Bonus Xp Weekend

posted by on 9th March 2010, at 11:58pm
Prices leading up the Bonus Xp Weekend were quite interesting. Many items rose very high, above their normal highs, and dropped extremely fast. Toadflax went from 4800 gp to over 7000 gp. This was the story with almost all herbs. Some people are looking into doing farming, as Strawberry and Sweetcorn seeds rose in price by a large margin. Prices fluctuating this much can be where people lose a lot of their cash. To make sure you’re not one of these people try following some tips for the Bonus Xp Weekend.
  • Focus on skills that you do not enjoy training. This may seem like a bad idea, but you will gain experience quicker, and you won’t have to work on it more later on. This can also make it so you don’t lose as much money, because most skills these days are a money loss.
  • If you are looking to make money, do a gathering skill. You can get fast experience, and get a lot of money doing it. Although Runecrafting is a pain to train, it is great money. Why not make money, and get good experience?
  • When looking to buy supplies for money sink skills, buy wisely. If you have enough time, I would recommend gathering the items needed yourself. This will save time, and you will not lose much/any money. If you do buy supplies, then buy them at a good time in the market. If the item is dropping, then wait a day or so until it has bottomed out and buy it. Buying it on the way down can also be a good idea, especially if it is still relatively cheap. This applies most to skills such as Firemaking, Herblore, Fletching, Construction, Summoning, and Smithing.
  • If you are doing a gathering skill, make sure to sell your items during the weekend.

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