WoW vs Runescape: Economy Part 1

posted by on 31st May 2010, at 10:54pm

For any of us that have played WoW for a good amount of time (as in past the trial), we see it as a generally better game than Runescape. Although this is the opinion of many, we can look at both games in comparison, evaluating the economy.

Currency: Gold vs Gold, Silver, Copper

Currency is the base of every economy, real life, and in game. In Runescape, they use a gold system. Gold is the single source of currency. In WoW, they use a gold, silver, copper system. 1 gold = 100 silver, 1 silver= 100 copper. WoW wins on this one. As I see it, the more currency types you have, the better. Also, in WoW, gold gets you a lot futher. Gold is easy to earn, professions (equivalent of RS skills) can earn you upwards of 500 gold an hour (if you know how to use them, as few do). A weapon similar to a godsword would cost 5000-10000 gold.

Auction House vs Grand Exchange

The Auction House (AH) and Grand Exchange (GE) are the same concept. Again, I think WoW has this one. The AH has many more features that the GE does not. One feature is that you can browse, and narrow browsing by weapons, armor, consumables, and other categories, which are split into sub categories (ie: Weapons – One Handed Swords). Others include bidding, and a buyout price. A player can take an item, and put it in the AH starting at 5 gold. Players can bid on the item, or they can pay the buyout price, which is often higher. It also has the advantage of open prices, which Runescape does not.

Skills vs Professions

Skills in Runescape are very hard to get to level 99. It is the same for WoW professions, although not nearly as hard. To max WoW professions, you need to be level 70 (out of 80). That is a feat in itself, so it makes leveling professions harder. Runescape presents a different problem- 99 skills are hard to level and involve dumping massive amounts of cash into most of the skills. I do give this category to Runescape, as they have a much bigger selection of non-combat related skills. It is a lot harder to train on Runescape, but it can also be much more enjoyable.

That is all for this week. Part 2 may be out next month, or in the next few weeks. As always, any suggestions go as a PM on the forums or an email to

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  • Conor Says:
    8th June 2010, at 7:28am

    I liked the whole article, except for the part about the AH being better than the GE, that is simply not true.

  • Goldy Says:
    10th June 2010, at 12:20am

    Rs Ftw No way wow is better than rs In Selling stuff 🙂
    RS For Life

  • Chris Says:
    13th June 2010, at 1:12am

    *sigh* The biased attitude of the gamer who plays just one game has always made me cringe at it’s sheer ignorance. Marco on the other hand did this article very well.

    At one point though I had to fight the urge to yell at my monitor. The Skills vs Professions, in my opinion, would be hard to write in any fashion that would quiet everyone.
    You see, World of Warcraft is designed that you have multiple characters that can be rather specialized. Runescape on the other hand is designed so that you simply have one character.
    While this is all well and good it makes things like Skills and Professions play out very differently. Professions in WoW play the role of not being required but giving a definate boost. Skills on the opposite side shape the way you can use your character in Runescape.
    Skills are foundational beams in a house whereas Professions are simply external supports that aren’t fully required.
    Just had to get that out of the way.