The Grand Exchange- Predicting Prices, Losing Money, and Making Money

posted by on 15th April 2010, at 4:17pm

We all know that the Runescape economy is extremely unstable. Everyone wants to make money quickly, and often merchanting is the best option. Before the GE, it was easier to merchant- purchase something cheap, and selling it higher, and with no trade limits you could make bank in a day. Now, with the trade limits, all the time players buy items they need to use, and often try to sell them after they crash, losing money. Many people buy items, and when some clan decides to merchant it, the everyday buyers lose money. Using these tips, you should be able to check if you should sell your items, and see if you can improve your merchanting.

When the item is being merchanted:

  • Sell the item soon after the merchanting begins. If you buy a Bandos Godsword for 25m, and it is merchanted to 28m, you have made 3m, so don’t take the chances to lose money.
  • Items often crash lower than they started, so it is better to sell it then wait it out until it drops and you lose money.
  • Don’t buy unstable items. You could buy 100k of the item, and it could still drop or it could not go up. Items like this include herbs, logs, ores, and other common items.

For any item:

  • Watch the graphs! The Grand Exchange Database is the greatest thing you can use to make sure your money is not going to be lost.
  • Go on the forums! People often offer good deals on items, and although you won’t get your money right away (when selling items), you can get more money on the forums.
  • Watch merchanting clan activity. If you know they are going to merch an item, why buy it?
  • Ask friends if they will buy items or sell items from or to you.

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  • Anthony L Says:
    2nd May 2010, at 2:55pm

    I have been to your website before. The more I read, the more I keep coming back! ;-P

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    5th June 2010, at 7:17am

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