March into April

posted by on 3rd April 2017, at 2:59am | Discuss Article

Howdy! We had a quiet April Fools at Rsbandb. That’s no trick! We had a few Informer articles of note to talk about this month. Shane started us off with the Capabilities of the Modern Web Browser and discussed what benefits new web apps have brought to the table. In Runescape, Alex talked about the new Penguin Quest, in his article Classic Conundrums while Mr Bistro wanted to know about Runescape’s Next Golden Age. Also, Colton wrote about the future of his Favourite Skill Cape. Finally, in Gaming, wrote about the newest hottest gaming console to hit the market, the Nintendo Switch.

In Skill of the Month news, Jamandy52 took the Thieving crown with an astonishing 57.2M xp, getting more than all the rest of the competitors combined! Congratulations Jamandy52, here is your sig trophy:

Well that’s all from me, see you in a month!

King Kulla

Nintendo Switches into High Gear

posted by on 25th March 2017, at 4:10pm | Discuss Article
Earlier this month Nintendo launched its most ambitious gaming platform to date, Nintendo Switch. Switch has débuted to favorable reviews and sales have been nothing short of impressive. Does this mean Nintendo is back? Have they shaken off the disappointment of the Wii U or is this another Dreamcast where the initial results looked good […]

The Future of My Favorite Cape

posted by on 23rd March 2017, at 10:46pm | Discuss Article
From the very first days I spent in Gielinor, I knew that quests were something special to me. I started with Cook’s Assistant and Imp Catcher as so many before me had, but it took some time before I laid eyes on the cape of my desire. A beautiful blue compass symbol lay upon it […]

RuneScape’s Next Golden Age

posted by on 20th March 2017, at 2:33pm | Discuss Article
Is RuneScape about to enter another golden era in it’s lifespan? The question seems ridiculous when considering what the game once was back in 2007. That version was so popular it became the base for a whole new equally or more so successful game that Jagex has made that is not their own core platform. […]

Alex’s Analysis – Classic Conundrums

posted by on 14th March 2017, at 1:42am | Discuss Article
NOTE: Spoilers. You know the drill. Do the quest, then read the article. Do the quest now. You shouldn’t even be reading this if you haven’t done the quest yet; the quest isn’t that boring. Do it! DO IT! QUUUEEEEEEST! It’s not often the Jagex production team surprises us with an update they intentionally left […]

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