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posted by on 8th March 2022, at 3:29pm

RuneScape is a multiplayer game that a lot of people tend to play solo, so here are some clan event ideas to get multiplayer action. Clans are how a lot of people meet there in-game friends and where a lot of discussions are. So hosting a clan event usually leads to meeting new people, engaging in different content, making some gold, and most importantly having fun. There are a couple of different kinds of clan events you can host. There are PVM ones, minigames, quest walkthroughs, skilling, clues or even PvP.

The most popular PVM event would be a bingo event. This would be a bingo board with various drops on it and you have to go get that drop to cross off the box. This is the most popular because it is very easy to scale it towards the audience. If it is a clan with mostly new pvmers then you can put God Wars Dungeon 1 and 2 drops in a box but if it is high experience Pvmers then you can do a Solak or Nex: Angel of Death (AOD) drop. What is great about Bingo is the players usually make gp if they win or not just because they are doing more pvm than usual. You can also split the event into teams for some luck migration.

I have seen other events in PVM where it is split into two teams and whatever team makes more gold in broadcasted drops gets the winnings. I really like this method because you never feel out of the competition. Seeing how much gold each team gets in a couple of weeks is fun. It is usually well into the billions.

Another popular PVM related event is hosting an hour mass of a certain boss. If you have enough people who know the boss, AOD is a good one to mass and can lead to a lot of gold. Vindicta is another popular one just because of how easy the mechanics are and it can give decent rewards.
Minigame events are good for playing looking to do some completionist or trimmed completionist cape requirements. Castle Wars is a fun game for people to collect thaler and gives a bit of PVP gameplay. Barbarian assault is a completionist requirement so people love to play that when they are given the chance.

The quest walkthrough events happen a lot when a new quest comes out but doing a quest together in a discord call is an absolute blast. For people like me who just read the quick guide on the wiki to do quests this is nice because it is like someone is reading it to me, yes I am very lazy. When the quest is new it is also a chance to explore new content with people.

Skilling is another easy event to host, just get an hour’s worth of all the portables and tell everyone to meet at a location and place them. Make sure you have someone with a cinder core and pulse core for those buffs. This motivates people to do some of the portable skills and Clues is another fun one with a couple different possibilities to win. You can do what you do in PVM events and give the winnings to the person who gets the most gold from clues or you can even do a reward for the person with the worst clue chest. This way if you get a 20,000 hard clue chest you have a chance of winning. The way I like to run them is the person who has done the most clues gets some of the winnings, the person who had the worst chest (hard or up) gets some of the money and the person who got the most fortunate items gets some of the money.

There are some options if you are looking to do some PvP in your clan event. As mentioned above castle wars has some PvP in it, but you can also do dueling tournaments in someone’s player owned house, you can do a pking event. World 2 still has some people running around the wilderness looking for fights so that would be the place to try to pk. Please do not kill the people skilling in the wilderness and blame me.
Hosting a clan event is a good way to try to rank up in a clan if you are worried about rankings. It gives you a chance of meeting new people and being social in a multiplayer game that lacks a lot of social events.


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