Fulfilling February’s Functions

posted by on 4th February 2017, at 1:43am | Discuss Article

Hello everyone! Hopefully your January was just as quiet and peaceful as RsBandB’s was! This past month we have a few articles to tell you about. Mr Bistro got us started off with A New Player Surprise, a look at what Jagex can do to help bring more new players to the venerable game of Runescape. Meanwhile, Alex discussed The Next Chapter, in which he theorized about what could happen next for quests and with lore. Tanis finished off the month with Five New Year’s Resolutions Every Gamer Should Make and all the different things that we can do to become better gamers in 2017.

In Skill of the Month news, Jamandy52 took a hefty lead right from the start in this past month’s Slayer SkotM. He finished up with 18.3M xp over his closest competitors of Pyrnassius who had 5.8M xp and Flash who had 4.1M xp. Congrats to all competitors and especially Jamandy52! Here is your trophy:

That’s all from me, be good for Shane when he visits you next month!

King Kulla

Premier Member November

posted by on 2nd December 2016, at 3:53am | Discuss Article
Hi there fellow RsBandBers! We had a packed month of Informer, so without further ado, let’s get started! Alex literally had Too Much to Do, so he walked us through how to prioritize what to do in our busy holiday schedules. Mr Bistro took a look at the return of Bounty Hunter in the aptly […]

So Long September

posted by on 3rd October 2016, at 10:00am | Discuss Article
Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of the RsBandB Informer Roundup! We had a few articles this month to tickle your fancy, especially considering all the news we heard out of Runefest! In reverse order, Mr Bistro finished off the month by looking at Jagex’s Release Plan for the rest of the year. Similarly, Tanis […]

The June of Rune is Over too Soon

posted by on 1st July 2016, at 7:30pm | Discuss Article
Hi guys and gals! Happy Canada Day to you all, and as for our American friends to the south, happy almost Independence Day to y’all! I hope everyone had another good month, as we roll on into summer we have some great Informer articles to share with everyone! Tanis started out the month with Falador […]

May I Have a Moment?

posted by on 2nd June 2016, at 2:27am | Discuss Article
Hello again everybody! It’s everybody’s favourite time of the month, that’s right, Informer Roundup time! Where else would we go to look back on all the amazing achievements, auspicious accolades, and awesome articles of the past month? Well, I suppose elsewhere on the RSBandB site, but ain’t nobody got time for that, that’s why I’m […]

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