March Is Over – The Forums Are Still Here

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March is now over, hopefully, spring is upon you wherever you may be. I know here in my region most of us are looking forward to spring despite the fact we still have a huge amount of snow stockpiled. This month we have the usual selection of articles for your enjoyment covering a wide range of topics. We also have some RSBandB news from the last week of the month.

Starting off in the realm of Informer we kicked off the month with a recollection of the old days and how things were done courtesy of Jason. Our next article covers the Artisan’s Workshop and whether or not it is the Smithing guild everyone wanted, written by Alex. Rounding out the second full month with the dangerous wilderness returned we receive some tips from our resident PK’er, Chris, about how to survive in the wild. Brimmk then asks the question, where’s Jagex’s mobile support? We then ended the month with Dungeoneering Time Pt. 4 from Tim, discussing the Abandoned floor bosses and a look at how Ivy chopping changed woodcutting from Shwa. Finally, our tech article for the month covered what a modern media solution should look like to provide ease of use and accessibility.

In March’s Summoning Skill of The Month our own Chris took first place with 6,504,120 experience gained. thelion777 came in second with 5 million experience gained and Bryan B took third with 2.3 million experience gained. Chris, here is your trophy:

March SKOTM Trophy

Good luck to those who entered our April SKOTM: Magic!

In one final piece of Events Crew related news we would like to welcome Jer99 to the crew. Look forward to his event in mid to late April. Also, say hi to him next time you’re in our clan chat conveniently named, “BitsBytes” :D.

Oh and one more thing, the forums are still here! Happy April Fools Day!!!

Ivy-chopping: The new face of Woodcutting

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Collecting with Brawlers

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Planning for Projects

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