Collecting with Brawlers

posted by on 13th September 2010, at 9:56pm

A whole month has gone by and hopefully all or most of those combat brawlers are free from your banks, though there are probably dozens of others waiting to be used. This month I’m giving tips for using the brawlers that give you 4x (or 2x, again depending on location) for collecting supplies.


These are one of the most common brawlers to receive as loot (at least in my observation). 732 logs or ivy can be cut before these gloves degrade. There are several places to use them. Going to a bounty hunter +1 world is the most safest place. Directly north of the monastery there are some oak trees. Bring some dragonhide, a good shield, brawlers of course, a couple rocktails, a phoenix necklace, a ring of life and of course an axe. This isn’t the best way to use the brawlers, but if low risk is needed, it is perfect. Half an inventory should be free of food to be able to chop and then drop to power cut. If someone comes to rush it will be easy to eat and run to safety since the oak tree is in lvl 1 wild.

For those that want more risk take PKing gear (bring d’hide too if you are melee) and an axe along with a Phoenix necklace instead of the usual. Go to a PvP world and to Varrock’s ivy walls. This will yield roughly 498.75 experience per ivy chopped. The greatest threat is a hybrid coming around to check for people using brawlers. If barraged go for dragonhide and pray melee as quickly as possible. From this point there are two options. One of them is to run away. This i recommend if they are totally out of your league and you wont be able to do much damage. The other option of course is to fight them. Usually if successful, they will leave and wont come back. The great part of fighting them is possible loot. Most expect an easy kill so it should not be too hard to catch them off guard.

One third option is available to those who have done the Spirit of Summer quest and have 82+ woodcutting. Teleport to Ghorrack wearing armor that would be helpful in case of an attack, along with Jennica’s ring, an axe and some food(half an inventory for first run and then less if feeling more confident later on.) Start cutting the magic tree and once it is down use Jennica’s ring to teleport to the spirit realm. To re spawn the regular magic tree, the cursed magic tree must be cut. Please note to take off brawlers when cutting the cursed magic tree and then re-equip when cutting the regular.


These are fairly simple. 1000 fish can be caught with these brawlers before they degrade. The only way to truly get the value out of these brawlers is to go into level 35 wilderness and fish lobsters on the east side. This can be done on either bounty hunter or PvP worlds but I suggest Bounty hunter +1 to have a chance to keep brawlers when killed. Bring escape equipment or just a lobster pot plus brawlers. Rarely do people travel around this region so it should not be tough to last a while. Other options would be to fall down to 2x experience boost and fish at any spot around a PvP world. This will give less experience, but it could be slightly less risk, depending on the fishing location.


350 rocks can be mined with these gloves equipped. The very best rocks to use these on are very well guarded. Skeletons patrol the quarry around level 7 wild. Again this is the time to bring escape armor, a teleport, 2 Saradomin brews, a couple of sharks, and a pick axe. Bounty +1 allows you to keep the brawlers or even a dragon pick axe. Turn auto-retaliate off and go to work. The skeletons patrolling will attack until a certain time. Tank these hits as they are low level skeletons. If someone tries to come around and rush, the skeletons will attack them instead, giving you a few moments to escape. The sharks and Saradomin brews are for topping off life points just in case the rusher gets through the trap. If barraged, protect magic and running north to lure them into the skeleton trap is an option. Run west or east and then teleport to safety. Another option is to flat out teleport away. This takes 20% earned potential away and might not be the best option if you’re EP’ing.

There concludes the collecting skills training with brawlers attached. Next month I’ll go over another set of brawlers. As always, you can PM me on the forums or Runewire about a question you may have on brawlers or any other PvP subject.

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