PvP and The Economy: An Interview

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As most people know, Pvp and the economy are two closely related subjects. I had a nice conversation with a good friend, Chris (xXturtXx) to talk about how these two subjects are related.

Q. What do you think brings the most GP into Runescape via Pvp?
A. I’d have to say statues are the items that bring the most gp into Runescape.

Q. Do you think the items lost in Pvp equals the money made from drops?
A. On average there is 1m brought in for every 500k lost. At least from my view and what I’ve gotten as drops. But seeing people 76k there is a lot more brought in due to that.

Q. Did the 76k update stop the people doing this, and do you see large amounts of people still doing it?
A. The 76king update didn’t really kill 76king. It just introduced plans of 3 or more people taking part. Player A would kill B, B would kill C, and C would kill A.

Q. Is 76king the cause of most of the inflation from Pvp?
A. Yes, there is others but 76king does cause most of the inflation by far.

Q. Does the amount of items lost when PVPing make items raise in the GE because there are less of that item?
A. Buying back armour is probably the easier part of losing items. But items such as Dragon Scimitars, Berserker Helms, Dragon Daggers, and bolts are harder to buy back because they have reached their max cap and can’t be obtained from drops of monsters, or just aren’t made that often from skillers.

Q. How often do you get drops worth millions of GP?
A. Depending on earned potential I’ll get drops that total 1m+ GP fairly often. Sometimes I’ll only get what the opponent was wearing, so those only are about 500k.

Q. Going back to the old Pking system of the Wildy, do you think it was easier to make money back then, or make money now?
A. Counting out inflation and 76king? I think the old style of wildy had the same profit as todays Bounty Hunter and Pvp worlds. Pvp weapons might have brought more profit but it just depended on ho much the other player risked back then. Whips were easier to lose so pkers would sometimes risk them and so that would be a profit to math these new Pvp weapons.

Q.Would you suggest new players to use Pvp as a way to make money?
A. I wouldn’t suggest new players to use it but maybe after they are around Runescape for a couple months and find a secondary way of making money, then they can learn how to pk and hopefully come out on top. But even an experienced pker will need to use his skills in times of emergency when he losses a lot but doesn’t have enough money for supplies.

Q. For an average pker, do you think the drops outweigh losses?
A. Yea, drops definitly outweigh losses. As long as your killing someone for every death you should at least be coming out with a small profit.

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