Raksha: Five Months Later

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It has now been over five months since Raksha has been released. This huge Dinosaur has hidden in Anachronia. Let’s look to see how to go about learning this boss and how much money can be made from Raksha.

The Kill

That strategies for killing Raksha have not changed since release and they probably will not any time soon. Once the mechanics are understood Raksha is just prayer flicking while dealing damage. It takes a while to learn the flicking but once it gets done correctly the kill can be easily done without eating or barely eating.

I would recommend learning Raksha after doing enough Araxxi that the prayer flickering in p4 of that is not an issue anymore. This gives you the experience of prayer flicking while dealing enough damage to still kill.

My best advice for learning Raksha is to find someone willing to teach you in a duo. Let them base and you worry about DPS and staying alive. As a DPS role, you will not need to worry about tail swipes, Shadow Anima Pool, and melee attacks. The first couple of kills just worry about getting the magic and ranged prayers right, once you get that down you can throw in Soul Split in between hits.

After a couple of hours of using soul split, you should be using minimal food and learn how to deal with the anima pools. As a learner you can split up the pools, this gives you some leeway in case you make a mistake. There are two ways to deal with the pools, first being a noxious scythe and laceration boots to bladed dive to each pool, or you can use mechanized chins. The bladed dive way is much faster but involves more switches.
Once you start dealing with the pools you should be able to spend a couple of hours getting kills and start to pay attention to how the base handles the mechanics and counting the auto-attacks.

There are a couple of ways to know when the tail swipe is coming, the first way is counting the attacks. The special attack will always come after the fourth auto-attack, but I like to use the sound to know when it is a tail swipe. Raksha will let out a roar and you can see dust coming from the tail, this is when I take two steps back. This lets me focus on my rotation and not counting.

When I learned to base I just ate through the melee attacks, you take a lot more damage but it is doable until you get down the timing of the melee. This makes it so your mind is not taking in too much new information while killing the boss. After a couple of hours, it would be wise to try to start using the melee prayer always.

Finally, phase four while basing it is just getting into melee distance and then out for the tail swipe. The timing of P4 is one the hardest things to learn while basing. If you are in a duo it might be best to let the other person gather all the shadow fragments, but if you go right when the shield breaks there is enough time to move to the opposite side of Raksha before the next special.

Drops and GP

The wiki has Raksha being about 40m GP/hour with five-minute kills. Most of that money comes from the 1 and about 500 chance at greater ricochet ability codex. This ability is a must-have for high-level PVM if you want to use range. It is also the reason the PVM community saw a ton of record times broken in the last six months at various bosses. The codex got as low as about 700m before jumping right back up to around 1.4b at the time of writing this article. Assuming a drop rate of 1 in 500 that means each kill is worth 2.8m just from a greater ricochet, but since Raksha drops other things besides greater Ricochet you are looking at about 7-8m a kill.

The best main drops are Onyx dust, Orikalkum salvage and Sirenic scales. These are all over 1m each and will probably not drop below that 1m mark. A couple of the main drops have lost a bit of value since the release of Raksha, like the dinosaur bones. They were at 12k each bone in November of 2020 and now sell for 8k each.

It will be interesting to see if the greater chain or divert will be useful in GWD3 because neither of these abilities is worth it right now. Right now I do not think either of these abilities is worth buying.

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