Profiles, Unfinished Business, and We’re Hiring!

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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone’s summer has been fulfilling both in RuneScape and in the sun outside. This month we had a selection of articles that delve deep into the current affairs of RuneScape and take stock of the current crop of updates.

This month was started off by Colton with a new series, NPC Profiles. This month he chose to focus on the Wise Old Man. NPC Profiles will go through the history of the character and provide a fun look on just how much of an impact these NPCs have in RuneScape. Want to see more? Let Colton know!

It was only back in July that Jagex announced that expansions were being abandoned. In place of expansions the new strategy will be known as “Unfinished Business.” The plan is to focus on areas of the game that have been neglected over time to bring some finishing polish to them. Tanis this month took a look at this strategy and asked the question, will Unfinished Business turn into Unfocused Business?

Along with the Unfinished Business strategy Jagex has been focusing in on Ninja fixes for the game’s existing features. One of those to receive a bit of attention this month was the Livid Farm. Alex took note of this and was wondering what’s fair to players who have already completed content that has been made easier by Ninja fixes. This includes of course Livid Farm and Castle Wars, read more in Mercy Finishing.

Our final article of the month comes from Mr. Bistro, and is entitled Summoning Some Sad Situations. Summoning was once billed as a skill to enrich the way we play the game with familiars, familiars can still do that. The problem though? Pets. The game has been flooded with more pets through other means than Summoning ever offered, Mr. Bistro examines this issue. Also, this is Mr. Bistro’s last article with us as a regular writer, we wish him well.

In our Invention Skill of the Month we saw Jamandy52 blow away the competition with 72,165,280 experience gained. Here’s your trophy:

August 2017 SKOTM Trophy

In second place we had Pyrnassius with 9.2 million experience gained and in third was Xbladez with 8.3 million experience gained.

This month I’m also happy to announce that Informer is looking for new writers! If you want to write about RuneScape or even just like writing, get in contact with us. We want you to write an article ranging from 500 to 1,000 words long about your favourite RuneScape subject. If we like what we write we’ll get in contact with you about writing for us on a monthly basis. If you want to submit your article or have any questions, private message Shane on the forums or email us your article to

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