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Before we look forward let’s look back to December 2017. December 2017 was a month where we saw one of RuneScape’s most favourite quest lines have a quest added to it, Evil Dave! Colton gave us a review of the largely comedic quest in Evil Dave and DOOM DOOM, DOOMLY DOOM!. December also saw one of the largest Ninja Fix weeks in all of RuneScape history. These fixes made their way into the game and are always much appreciated by the player base. Alex wrote about this massive endeavour in All the Fix. No end of year roundup would be complete without a top 10 list from the previous year. Tanis highlighted RuneScape’s Best Updates of 2017 in his December article, 2017 brought forward a lot of questions and U-turns in Jagex-land but on the whole? 2017 actually produced some pretty good updates. Our final article looks forward to 2018 and highlights The Year Ahead post that Jagex normally makes, except, this one is written by me! Where Jagex should focus, how much info they should give, and managing expectations are the name of this one.

Our final Skill of the Month for 2017 was a Constitution Skill of the Month. This was unique in that it drew a lot of interest due to the recently released combat pets. Throughout the month Optimaniac (Barrage Tank) maintained a steady lead. At the end he came through to win with 14,403,357 experience! Congratulations!

December 2017 SKOTM Trophy

In second place we had Sorensen57 with 11 million experience gained and in third was Pyrnassius with 8.6 million experience gained.

As is tradition we also have a look at the year’s Skill of the Month results. This year Jamandy52 gained the most experience across competitions with 270,095,897 experience gained. Second place was Touchpad Pro (Ataronchronon) with 183,004,285 experience. Third, Pyrnassius with 168,018,743 experience. Fourth, Flash with 79,857,608 experience. Fifth, Undoer, with 55,690,389 experience. That’s some dedication!

Finally… a grand total of 952,898,383 experience was gained in all 2017 Skill of the Month competitions combined!!!

As a final note in this Informer roundup I’ll ask that everyone check out the 2017 RSBANDBUpdate! clip show! It’s out and is as crazy as ever. Enjoy!

2018 has begun, I would like everyone to give a big thank you to all of the Informer writers! And also what we do would not be at all worth it if not for you, the reader. Thank you!

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