Gazing for the Win in January

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We’re now one twelfth through 2018. Our illustrious writers kicked off the year with a look forward to the year ahead. After 2017 and the change in path we saw for RuneScape, that’s only natural. It wasn’t long until we got word that one of the first updates of 2018 would be the ability to replay Sliske’s Endgame. This got Alex thinking, what if we could replay the other quests that are slated for 2018? Alex Analyzes in Let’s See That Again. 2018 is going to be a huge year for Jagex and we often ask what string of updates and on what note could net them a win? Tanis brings up this very key point in RuneScape for the Win in 2018 and talks about what those updates could be and why success is critical. Finally, continuing on the questing note Colton talks about Broken Home and why it’s often under-appreciated. The quest came out as a Halloween event a few years ago but still remains a marker point on environment art and immersion for RuneScape. What would happen if future quests took this road?

Our first Skill of the Month this year saw a massive lead change halfway through the month. Sorensen57 rose like a rocket to gain 47,089,348 experience throughout the entire month! Astounding. Here’s your trophy:

January 2018 SKOTM Trophy

Pyrnassius came in second with 17.9 million experience and Xbladez came in third with 9.7 million experience. The Construction Skill of the Month is now underway.

This month RSBANDBUpdate! also expanded to feature a new Monday feature that sums up the week’s RuneScape update and patch notes called none other than The Weekly Byte. You can find that on YouTube. If you want to subscribe to our channel visit


Welcome to 2018!

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Before we look forward let’s look back to December 2017. December 2017 was a month where we saw one of RuneScape’s most favourite quest lines have a quest added to it, Evil Dave! Colton gave us a review of the largely comedic quest in Evil Dave and DOOM DOOM, DOOMLY DOOM!. December also saw one […]

2018: The Year Ahead

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Please note that this is a “The Year Ahead: 2018” article that the author would like Jagex to publish. Updates revealed here may or may not happen or the author may be completely wrong. What lies ahead is a preview of updates that are actively being built and worked on. We can guarantee that everything […]

Remembrance, AAA Games, Squats, and Neutrality

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Hello Everyone! December is now upon us and the advent calendars have appeared with only 25 days until Christmas. December will surely bring in the holiday season and we’re going to help you with that. Looking ahead I know that we have a couple year in review style features planned but… we should look at […]

Net Neutrality: The Tip of the Iceberg

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There’s been a recent revival of activism online regarding Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is the policy that was coined some years ago stating that internet service providers (ISPs) should not give priority to certain types of connections. To give a brief example of how this works, imagine an ISP has their own video streaming service […]

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