What makes RuneScape Addictive?

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Hello everyone, I’m back again this month for another article that all stemmed from a tweet I saw the RuneScape Official Twitter retweet a little while ago. That got me thinking to just what people think about RuneScape and has it really turned into something people need to get a daily dose of to function properly.

Now most people have addictions to things like drugs, cigarettes, beer, etc. Online addiction is something I’ve never heard of, but I think it’s time that I will start hearing those sort of things. It’s no lie that I used to play this game way too much, but to me to it never an addiction. I had fun while I was playing and I could leave at any time, take a couple of days off to do other things, or what I’m currently going on, a couple months off then I come back for the odd quest update or to see something that has changed. Never during my time before I left did I feel that if I didn’t play this game did I think I was going to have some mental breakdown or something that would make me regret not playing RuneScape for just a couple of minutes to feed a crave I could or could not have had.

Going through more of the RuneScape Official Twitter I saw a couple of other things. One tweet was from a guy who, after six years of playing, finally got his first 99. Now I have ten 99’s and I’ve been playing since at least 2004, but those come from grinding during one month because of something I said I was going to get, and because of a competition where I had fun (Firemaking was one of them, same with the Fletching SKOTMs) and not because I needed to play and because I felt I needed to play. Getting a 99 is something that I enjoyed getting and none of my 99’s have been a real pain to get, because I had fun and with my most recent ones (Woodcutting and Agility were fun to get) were 99’s I got once I took a break to play other game and just relax and learn other skills (like getting my Actions Per Minute up) that will help me in the future.

I mention that taking a break allowed me to gain skills that I will use in the future. Having a good APM will allow you to do more things faster because you will understand what is going on and can comprehend what is going on. Some examples I can think of are some Halo and Quake Live pros that have recognized the in game timers for the power weapons (in Halo) and the yellow, red and mega armour (in Quake live). Being able to keep track of what is going on in the game passively, as well as playing the game are important skills for some life jobs. Being able to keep track of different timers on different stoves while cooking will allow you to figure out just when to put everything in so you can take everything out all at once to have a nice hot meal. The only real skill I’ve gained from RuneScape is just how fast I’m able to type on my keyboard, which any job where you need to sit in front of a computer and take notes are really helpful, especially in post-secondary where in a class of 300. RuneScape could have even helped me learn to shape my voice so I could take on different acting roles where a Canadian accent isn’t what the director wants. RuneScape is just a past time and isn’t something that should take priority over school or work. It is something to take your mind off something and to just relax while, something to relieve stress if something is really making you worried.

Addictions are bad things. Online ones aren’t as bad as say a Cigarette addiction, but it could have implications on what happens in the future. You need Vitamin D, which the sun gives plenty of when you go outside and hang out with friends. I hope you take some of my words of advice and treat RuneScape as a fun past time, and not something that need in your life to stay sane. This is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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