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posted by on 5th March 2010, at 1:43am

Because the SKOTM for this month is summoning, I thought I’d tell you how you can get 99 summoning. Because all you can do is just make pouches, I’m going to talk about the different ways to get charms. Summoning is easy when you can get the charms fast and you have the money for it, I’m just going to give some tips that I know and how to get the most of the 4 types of main charms.

First up, Gold charms, the easiest charms to get. They give the least amount of experience (overall when you look at the pouches you can make) but can also give you useful familiars. These charms can be collected quickly, depending if the monster you are fighting has a high drop rate of other charms, so they will stack up fast. Jogres, Fire giants, Hellhounds, Infernal Mages, Rock Crabs and Ice Warriors drop gold charms the most often. As soon as you can make Spirit Terrorbirds  at level 52 Summoning, you needn’t worry about your run energy anymore, as the special ability for Spirit Terrorbirds restores your run energy based on your normal agility, as well as raise your agility by 2 points. Another useful Gold charm familiar is the War Tortoise. War Tortoise scrolls (Testudo) boost your defence by 8 points, but you can also store 18 items in the tortoise, which is second most, only behind Pack Yaks.

Green charms give the third best amount of experience per charm. These are a common drop for most monsters, but not for others. The monsters that drop these charms the most are Bloodvelds, Basilisks, Jellies, Mighty Banshees and all the different types of Dragons. Some of the more notable pouches you can make from these are the healing familiars: Bunyips and Unicorn Stallions. You can also make Fruit Bats (they spawn various fruits), Hydras (will make your play grown tree re-grow once you use the scroll. The healers that you can make are the ones most people make and want. Bunyips are most useful for slayer tasks where you have single combat because you get healed 20 life points every 15 seconds. They also give you the ability to use their scroll (Swallow Whole) to eat raw fish as long as you have the cooking level to cook those fish. Unicorn Stallions heal up to 15% of your life points when you use their scroll. You can also right click on the familiar to use up one summoning point to cure your poison and disease. 69 summoning and 88 summoning respectively are required for both of those familiars but they are the familiar that most people make with their green charms.

Crimson charms are the charms most people want; they give the second best amount of experience per charm. Dust Devils, Greater Demons, Nechryael, Rock Lobsters, Waterfiends, Cockroaches, Tormented Demons and Abyssal Demons drop the most crimson charms. Steel Titans, Pack Yaks, Iron Titans and Wolpertingers are what most people want to make with Crimson charms. Granite lobsters up until Wolpertingers are what people use Crimson charms on to get the most experience. Most of the familiars you can make with Crimson Charms are melee based, with a few giving stat bonuses. Pack Yaks have 30 spaces to store items and also send items to your bank from your inventory! Nothing much else about Crimson charms, they are meant for damage and damage is what they bring.

Blue charms are the charms that give the most experience but with the highest cost to make the pouches. Kalphites, a fair amount of dragons, Gargoyles, Tormented Demons, Dark Beasts, Corporeal Beast, Bork (5 blue charms daily) and the Tormented Wraith drop the most Blue Charms. Some of the note able familiars that are made from blue charms are Fire, Ice and Moss titans, Spirit Kyatt and Geyser titans. Fire, Ice and Moss titans restore 80 life points and boost your defence by 12.5%. You can get a max of 240 life points gained in total and you’re able to go 80 points over your max life points. Spirit Kyatts will teleport your within steps of an underground Summoning Obelisk at the Piscatoris Hunter area. Most people use this familiar to get the most summoning experience as they teleport, run a little, go down a ladder, infuse pouches, teleport to Castle Wars, bank, repeat. Geyser titans are good attackers, but they also have the ability to recharge amulet of glories back from no charge to a charge of (4). Most people if they have a geyser titan will go to a bank and ask if anyone needs to have their glories recharged. Just note them and you’ll be traded (most of the time) noted charged glories. Like crimson charms, blue are melee based, but more of the familiars have hidden skill boosting.

Well, this is all I have about Summoning. Some of the best ways to get charms is to do Slayer or go and camp at a monster that drops the charms you want. Waterfiends have a 75% drop rate for crimsons so usually you’ll end up with about 100+ crimson at the end of a trip (depending on your supplies) Rock lobsters are another monster that most people will camp at to get charms. Bring bursts or barrages and you’re set for hours of killing rock lobsters to get charms. I hope this article helps, next one should be about the next SKOTM (if I’m able to write an article like this). That’s all I have for now, Tim out!

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