Getting Ready for a SKOTM Competition

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This month I am going to be talking about just how to get your body ready for long grinding sessions as you work towards hopefully winning that skill of the month trophy.

Now for most people it’ll seem really weird just sitting in front of a monitor for hours on end just training one skill. It’s something I do often, even when I’m not competing in a SKOTM. Knowing where to train is an important part in getting into the top three. Now because I don’t want to lose I won’t be telling you the spots where I train, I can tell you that you need to really look around and explore different XP options. You may have a good training spot but you could possibly find a spot that could double your experience gained per hour (think the difference between Runecrafting, ZMI is normally the location that people go to train but making blood runes could be a lot faster experience). A comfy location to grind (both in game and real life) will also help you last that long. I prefer places like Lletya and Neitznot are two places if I have simple bank skill to train. Herblore and Fletching are skills like that where you stand in front of a bank till and just train right there. The  cooking guild during cooking works because while I train, I can look around at the scenery and I also know that I won’t be attacked there by a random monster that could kill and halt training (like mining in the living rock caverns).

Getting prepared beforehand also really helps. Now some people may be short on money so make sure you plan everything out. Find out the prices of the items you need and make sure you can buy them easily. Having those items ready will really increase your experience by a very sizeable amount. Another thing you might have through about, might not have is buying overnight so you have what you need ready to go the next day as soon as you’re awake and ready. Now getting food and going to the bathroom a bank is you best friend. This might work with other screens but I know that when you are in a bank screen, the, the logout timer is extended by a large amount, which should give you just enough time to run to your kitchen and grab a bite to eat. Also so you don’t get booted by the logout timer, just click a new menu tab open in the bottom right of the screen and the logout timer will be reset. Now you may not believe this, but a comfortable posture while training will make you want to train more. If you sit in an awkward position you’ll get bored of what you’re training because you’ll relate the pain of how you were sitting to that skill, which won’t help you get first place in a SKOTM.

Now the last thing I’m going to talk about in this article is being able to sacrifice your time to get first place in a SKOTM. For most of my wins (excluding Firemaking which only took me approximately six hours to win completely maximizing my Firemaking xp gain) I spent about six plus hours in front of my computer screen to get those wins with the amount of experience I got (even the ones I got second to fourth I spent a lot of time to get the experience). Winning a SKOTM is not something you want to take calmly, if you want to win, you need to really want to win, that is the only way you will be able to win. You just need to have the will to win and don’t forget that even if you don’t win that SKOTM, there is still another one next month. Another thing to remember is that all experience gained goes towards the Skill of The Year (SKOTY). It doesn’t grant a trophy graphic but does show off that you clearly want to beat the game as fast as possible because of all the experience you gained throughout the year.

And with that I am done giving you guy’s tips on how to get more experience in the SKOTM to make me need to work harder to win. It does take some time before you are ready to spend hours on end in front of a computer screen, headaches are normal. When you start to get a headache make sure you have adequate lighting in your room and take a slight break from the computer. This is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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