What will the future look like for RuneScape?

posted by on 26th March 2012, at 2:43pm

Hello everyone, I’m back after a month’s break to bring you what I think Jagex is going to be releasing for Runescape. This article is basically me predicting what I think Jagex is going to give us this year and RuneScape starts to see more people playing around with some of the new things that have recently been updated in the game. I’ll try to make this not a rant which I could, but these are my opinions, not Jagex’s, Shane’s, nor anyone else on the Informer Staff or the Forum Staff.

First off I am going to start with graphics, because while core gameplay is what everyone really wants, the graphics are what bring the people into the game and keep them for enough time to hopefully see that things are much better on the Pay-to-Play side. Now because in the last year there has been at least two RuneScape front page redesigns, I think they are going to change the whole thing again, maybe taking out their blatant copy of the RuneScape Wiki and replacing it with the game guide they had before. When I looked through it to see if I could find article worthy material in there, I could not find a thing. No simple way to get to the activities (which they are calling minigames after their blog post about changing the name to activities), a harder way to get to the skills game guide page (it involves clicking on the hard to use drop down menu, then navigating to one of the many pictures which I don’t think help and have useless information and finding skills, which then leads you to a picture of about ten skills and some more scrolling) and just an overall lack of just needing a simple design for people new to the game. Now before, during, and after what I see to be a change in their front page, they are going to update some of the neglected places around Gielinor. They are already doing the Gnome Stronghold which I think is a big bonus, because the last time I was there I think I remember seeing the sprites from all the way back when RuneScape first went HD. The Piscatoris Fishing and Hunting area could use some work, same with Karamja. The elven lands of Tirannwn are most likely going to be updated as well, along with them finally letting us into the Crystal City of Prifddinas. (SPOILER ALERT) If you remember in either the last or second last Elven quest, we were able to see light through the collapsed tunnel. That should hopefully be cleaned up this year and maybe the elven quest line might end, or it might not, but either way it should lead to a whole Tirannwn graphical update (END OF SPOILER). Before or after that quest some more quests will be released, either adding to story lines (I can’t think of any quest lines I would like to have wrapped up or continued), hinting at future places we might be going to, and tying up loose quest ends.

Along with what I said above, a new activity will come, or a huge update to an already existing one (Even though Castle Wars right now to my knowledge is balanced, they could easily add some cool twists to the activity like the people watching about to manipulate the land, or the ability to create new battlefields like the battlefield editor in the Clan Citadels). They might hint to a new skill, but I doubt that after what happened with Dungeoneering. They are going to add new loyalty rewards (maybe the sword they used to promote the rewards) along with some “only available if you buy membership cards” items that people will use only to show that they have the guts to go into a public place and actually show that they play RuneScape. One thing I really hope they do is allow more than one menu tab to be open at once. I don’t know how long I’ve wanted the ability to keep look at my current Firemaking xp while seeing how many logs I have to burn in my inventory, but I take too long and I then need to go and restart being able to light logs a couple of seconds faster. It’s small things like that that I wish Jagex would just implement and then make the needed patches incase someone find a way to break it to the point of character benefit.

Overall there are a lot of things Jagex is going to do until 2012 is done. Hopefully they take some of my ideas (that aren’t rant items) and implement them, because I know a couple of my friends have talked about them before, I’m just bringing them up in this not-a-rant article to show the masses. This is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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