May: Fairies, Sleep, and Guest Articles

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Another month has gone, that means it’s time to discuss the month that has passed us by. We had a plethora of Runescape articles this month, let’s start from the top. Our first Runescape article was Alex discussing Dungeoneering and what’s interesting about the skill. The Miscellaneous Hunter Training series was also continued with part 2 highlighting level 30 to level 53. Remember Runescape Classic? Remember falling asleep while playing? If you don’t we have an article on Sleep! We also have a new look at Fletching, a skill that many people dismiss. Marco did a light comparison of the Runescape and WoW economies. Finally our PvP specialist, Chris, wrote about the possibility of Chaotic equipment making its way into the PvP system. You can find the rest of our Runescape related articles here.

Our tech articles for May included Learning How to Program and a Browser Review for 2010. Our Gaming division has made a come back. Mr Pink wrote his first article on Gaming Nostalgia, the feeling that only old games can evoke. Finally, Directxfire wrote about a needed rebirth to the MMO genre. Of course you can also find Kenny’s music articles here including a review of Slash Goes Solo and another review of the Kids in Glass Houses concert.

Our first Dungeoneering Skill of The Month has wrapped up. Overall 11,207,642 experience was gained. Xbladez took the win with 4,515,001 experience gained.

XBladez SKOTM Trophy

Congratulations are also extended to Sworder and Waffle233 for winning May’s Clan Wars Event while Reventon42 won our first ever Skiller of The Day competition!

The June SKOTM is Runecrafting. You can track everyone’s progress here, starting tomorrow.

We are making a couple tweaks to RSBANDBInformer! starting this month. First off our RS writers will be focusing solely on in depth Runescape articles. Coverage of new Runescape content will be left to RSBANDBUpdate! unless it is a fairly large update (big quest, new skill, removal of the wilderness, etc.)

I am also proud to announce that you are now able to write for RSBANDBInformer! In June we will be aiming to publish our first guest article. Guest articles will be published once a month. Here are some general guidelines about guest articles:

  • You may choose any topic you like. The topic must, however, be approved by the Informer staff.
  • Articles are to be submitted by the 21st of the month.
  • Articles will be subject to being edited before being published.
  • You should target a word length of 750 words.

You can find out more about the process for sending us a guest article here.

Also, I’d like to take a minute to welcome Brad back to RSBandB!

That’s all for May.