Shwa opened the month with a fascinating article about The Geology of Runescape. Next up was Kenny with a review of Resident Evil 5. Jason continued with his What’cha wearing? series with Part 3. As we move closer to the release of Windows 7 Paul took a look at the Release Candidate. Another Windows 7 article preparing an experiment to see if Windows 7 can compete with Leopard and highlight some of the finer points of the new operating system. Back on to Runescape related news, Kirby filled us in on the upgraded Bounty Worlds otherwise known as A Reincarnation of the Wilderness. Alex steps in this month with Missing My Mummy and a Guide to Saving Your Hide. Finally Tim took a look at the dungeon map update.

Thom won the Woodcutting SKOTM. He gained 8.88M experience. It was a most interesting month in terms of experience per day. Once again, congratulations Thom!

May 2009 SKOTM

We’d also like to remind you that RSBandB now has a Twitter channel. You can check it out for all of our newly updated content across the universe that is RSBandB. In closing this month I’d like to point you to What’cha Wearing? Part 4, which was also released today.

The Geology of Runescape

posted by on 4th May 2009, at 2:38pm | 14 Comments
Imagine Varrock underwater, or a mountain range so tall that it is impossible to cross. Some of these might happen, some already have. Runescape is an ever-changing world. The ground beneath the land is just as alive as the people and animals that live on it. The problem that faces anyone trying to study the […]