3 Quests to do during the Christmas Break

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Hola everybody, I’m back with another intro and another article to end off the year. Now because I know most of you are going to be off from school so that means there is no better time to do a quest or two. This article is going to talk about 3 quests you should do when you have nothing else to do before you open up your presents.

Caution: Spoilers ahead.

1. Ritual of the Mahjarrat

In my eyes, if you had every single requirement in the game for all the quests, I would recommend this one first. This quest has a very in depth story line that has been working up into an epic ending. Picking up where While Guthix Sleeps ends off, you go on an adventure to discover where the Stone of Jas was teleported and how the Mahjarrat mix in with the Dragonkin and Lucien and everything else in the world of Gielinor. Requiring some high skill requirements of 76 Crafting, 77 Agility and 76 Mining along with a huge amount of quest requirements, this quest requires you do a lot of quests before you can start it. During Ritual of the Mahjarrat, you will be going to the very bottom of the world, Mos le Harmless, all the way to the most frozen part of the wilderness, you can even check out the new Wilderness Graphics while you are running around. This quest really makes you think about what you need to do next, along with using the combat triangle at the very end of the quest, something I don’t normally see quests implement. You help your old friends Arrav and Azzandra and eventually find the Stone of Jas sitting in the middle of a snowy battlefield. Now if that didn’t make you want to start doing the quest right away, this reward might make you. You get 430k xp over a wide amount of skills and a huge amount of new areas and abilities. Some of these include Storm of Armadyl, new Barrows Brother that brings new Barrows armour, access to Glacors which drop boots and shards needed for Armadyl runes and the Armadyl Battlestaff. You also get a new Fairy ring code (DKQ) that brings you right to the Glacors and the new Bane ore which you can use to make into arrows and bolts that do extra damage to certain monsters.

2. The Braches of Darkmeyer

This quest was recently released and is the sequel to Legacy of Seergaze and the fifth instalment of the Myreque quest series. This quest, unlike Ritual of the Mahjarrat, has a lot less quest requirements needed to start the quest, but that comes with a lot more skill requirements. 76 Woodcutting, 70 Fletching, 70 Magic, 67 Slayer, 64 Crafting, 63 Farming, and 63 Agility are the skill requirements for the quests, but you also need a hatchet (which shouldn’t be a problem with the tool belt update recently) and the guts, food, weapons and armour to kill a level 161 (which can be defeated with protect from melee activated) and a level 332 enemy (which might take a couple of tried for you to kill, took me personally 2 tries). This quest starts off where you find out that the Vryewatch are becoming stronger and the Myreque need your help to stop them. You start off getting a brand new way to teleport for free all throughout the Morytania (Barrows, Burgh de Rott, Meiyerditch, Darkmeyer and the Meiyerditch Dungeon) as long as you are in that area, if you teleport from the GE to the barrows it will cost you a charge on the Medallion. From there you meet one the four Drakan siblings who helps you traverse the streets of Darkmeyer, and then helps you get into the Upper tier of the city. After you have gained the status Vyrelord/Vyrelady, you can continue in helping the Myreque by getting ready to fight Vanstrom. You need to make some new weapons from the Blisterwood tree (only found in Darkmeyer) and with those new weapons, you take to the battlefield and kill Vanstrom, and getting you some great rewards. 360k xp, access to Darkmeyer and the Drakan’s medallion are what you get for completeing this quest, so go and do it.

3. Nomad’s Requiem

Nomad’s Requiem was the second Grandmaster quest released by Jagex a while back. It includes one of the hardest bosses ever created by the minds at Jagex and by far is the quest everyone looks up to doing. Now the rewards might be lacking, just beating Nomad is a reward in itself. You start off the quest by talking to Zimberfizz who tells you Nomad’s been acting weird recently, and because you can’t keep to yourself, you follow Nomad, and one event leads to the next and you are fighting defective Avatar, like the ones you face during a game of Soul Wars. Then after that you are running through smoke and guiding elemental creatures to their imminent death. After going around in his tent temple, you will finally face him and find out that he has been absorbing souls from Soul Wars and is hell bent to kill you. You will then go into one of the most epic and frustrating boss battles ever. Don’t worry if you die, everything will appear outside in the Soul Wars graveyard. After you defeat Nomad, you will get the ability to respawn at Soul Wars, get 70 zeal points and a Soul Wars cape, which has +12 Prayer to it.

And there you go, the top 3 Quests you should do this Christmas break. Good luck with completing them, because they are hard quests. This is all I have for now, Tim Out for 2011!


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