The Plague of Problems

posted by on 17th February 2010, at 5:00pm

I admit there are still a lot of people playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 nowadays, with the average amount of players online at a time exceeding 100,000 on Xbox Live (I am unsure about other consoles). However, it seems like most of the people that I talk to are slowly losing interest in the game. Considering I don’t play it that much myself, and I am only rank 38 and not even prestiged yet, it goes to show how little I care for such an over-hyped game. I suppose it also means that my opinion is going to be pretty biased against the game, but I’ve had enough experience of the Call of Duty series to know that the only reason Modern Warfare 2 is so popular is the name. It’s a bit like Coca-Cola really; the only reason people drink it so often is because it’s everywhere.

Now, I’ve heard many people debate the problems with the game, and I was certainly intrigued to know the extent to which these problems were occurring, having experienced stuff like this before on other games, especially Gears of War, where there was a new glitch found every week. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but it seemed like there was always some new glitch around in such a small amount of time, and 50% of the matches you join are guaranteed to have someone glitching in them. However it seemed like glitching was only half of the problem on Modern Warfare 2…

Yesterday I turned my Xbox 360 on for the first time in about 2 weeks, and to my dismay I had a message off somebody on my friends list asking me if I wanted to “riot shield boost”. I had already figured out what part of the idea was (considering it’s in the name), but I still didn’t know how it worked until I actually saw it happening in a game. What made it even more annoying is that one of them was boosting to get a tactical nuke, completely defeating the object of the game itself. Way to piss a load of people off… jerk.

I found out about another glitch on Modern Warfare 2 from my friends, which they called the “care package glitch”. I haven’t seen this myself, but I heard that it allows you to get unlimited care packages by taking advantage of the timing system within the game. This glitch has now been patched on the Xbox 360, but not for the PS3. There is another version of this glitch which only works with emergency airdrops, when the player once again takes advantage of the timing windows in which the character performs actions resulting in their emergency airdrop not running out. As I haven’t witnessed this, I do not know the full extent of it, however I imagine it would be pretty bad considering each emergency airdrop is 3 packages.

A quick Google search for this care package glitch gave me over 100,000 results, with most of them seemingly being rant topics on forums expressing their anger toward the people who do these glitches and take advantage of what the game offers. This article will probably add to that large amount of results, but to be honest I don’t think it would matter. These glitches have spread like a plague, and nearly every Modern Warfare 2 player knows about them now, and I’m guessing most of them even use the glitches themselves. I guess that’s how far people will go just to prove they are good at a computer game which holds no relevance to how prestigious they are in real life.

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