Top 10 All Time Quests to get Started and Completed Part 3

posted by on 10th September 2010, at 1:04am

This month brings the last 3 quests that I’m going to talk about for a while (or until better quests and I need to revise the list ;)). These quests are the hardest and longest quests in the game, and so they deserve to be at the top. They are going to be brief reviews but I don’t want to spoil to much for you guys when you’re doing the quests.

3. Recipe for Disaster

Quests requirements needed to start: Cook’s Assistant, Fishing Contest, Goblin Diplomacy, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Biohazard quest, Demon Slayer, Murder Mystery, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, Restless Ghost, Witch’s House, Gertrude’s Cat, Shadow of the Storm, The Lost City, Legends; Quest, Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure, Horror From The Deep

Level/Other requirements needed to start: 176 Quests Points, 48 Agility, 70 Cooking, and 20 Firemaking

Difficulty: Special

Well, for the number 3 quest, I picked the 100th quest released by Jagex. Recipe for Disaster consists of a main starting quest, then 10 sub quests to do after until you are done. This quest is a long but rewarding quest. During this quest you get so many rewards its crazy. A new bank in the basement of Lumbridge castle, new gloves that you see everyone wearing (barrows, dragon rune gloves), 10 quest points, the list goes on and on! This quest is special in its own way; it is hard and easy, engaging and interesting but it is a good quest to set goals for. This quest is a fun quest to do but the rewards are what make the quest worth doing as soon as you can, I mean it!

2. While Guthix Sleeps

Quests requirements needed to start: Defender of Varrock, Dream Mentor, Hand in the Sand, King’s Ransom, Legend’s Quest, Mourning’s End Part II (The Temple Of Light), Path of Glouphrie, Recipe for Disaster, Summer’s End, Swan Song, Tears of Guthix, Zogre Flesh Eaters

Level/Other requirements needed to start: 23 Summoning, 55 Hunter, 60 Thieving, 65 Defence, 65 Farming, 65 Herblore, 75 Magic, Be eligible for entry to the Warrior’s Guild, Have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels, 270 Quest Points

Difficulty: Grandmaster

This was the first Grandmaster Quest Jagex released, and is by far one of my favourite quests. This is a very long quest and really goes into the past of Runescape. In this quest you take the strongest warriors in all of Gielinor to fight the almighty Lucien who has gained both a fair amount of power and a very cool graphical update. I don’t want to go to into the quest too much or else I’ll spoil it for everyone who hasn’t done the quest but you go almost everywhere and team up with a wide variety of strong NPCs that help you out later in the quest. The reward is one of the best in the game (behind Blood Runs Deep) and you get a lot more besides that. This is a must do so get going, you’ll like the story line and the reward just adds to the list of why you should do this quest.

1. Nomad’s Requiem

Quests requirements needed to start: King’s Ransom (including the Knight Waves)

Level/Other requirements needed to start: 75 Magic, 70 Prayer, 66 Mining, 65 Hunter, 60 Construction, Completed the Soul Wars tutorial, Completed at least one game of Soul Wars

Difficulty: Grandmaster

For a lower level you’re looking at a really hard time with this quest. Even if you’re a higher level (I was level 124 when I did it) you will still have some problems because this is THE HARDEST QUEST JAGEX HAS CREATED FOR US! But before you get to the final fight, you have some stuff to do before it. Zimberfizz (Nomad’s helper) has noted a change in Nomad recently and he wants you to check up on him. Little do you know that once you go into his tent your view on him (and the surrounding area) gets changed. This quest is very combat orientated so be ready. This is a quest that if I tell you something, it’ll give a couple more things away, so I’m just going to keep it is as, but the Quest Help on the Runescape site will be your best friend at the end (unless you already know what to do ;)).


This is all I have for now. Next month… DUNGEONEERING!!! I know you all have been waiting for it so it’s finally time. That article is going to be a… tips kind of article. Well, this is all I have for now. Tim Out!

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