A Dead Wilderness

posted by on 16th February 2015, at 7:08pm | Discuss Article

Over the past few years with the return of the wilderness, many people have attempted to come up with solutions to the lack of players that use it. The problem is, there is no one solution to the problem and that so many ideas are misguided.

In conclusion, there is no one way to fix the wilderness. Nevertheless, there are ways to fix it and it should be understood that it would be a large undertaking. No idea is a bad idea when the content is already broken. Any help on the issue leads us all closer to having a revamped and glorious wilderness and game once again.

How to Survive In The Wild

posted by on 29th March 2011, at 3:28pm | No Comments
Some players not into the PvP side of Runescape have completely nullified the wilderness because of how dangerous it can be on any world. This should not happen because there is a lot of wasted content if one decides to do that. Runescrafting in the abyss, dragon slaying, chaos elemental hunting, the mage arena, and […]