How to Survive In The Wild

posted by on 29th March 2011, at 3:28pm

Some players not into the PvP side of Runescape have completely nullified the wilderness because of how dangerous it can be on any world. This should not happen because there is a lot of wasted content if one decides to do that. Runescrafting in the abyss, dragon slaying, chaos elemental hunting, the mage arena, and the most ferocious dragon, the KBD are examples of activities a player would miss if they did not go into the wilderness. Instead, one should be prepared to do battle with another player or be able to escape at the least.

The most important part of this is equipment to bring. Items to bring could be anywhere from 3-4 items just for completing a simple task such as a clue scroll, to full inventory and well prepared for fighting kbd/chaos elemental, or training on the beast NPC’s that call the desolate wasteland home. Doing anything other than PK’ing should probably be done on worlds 150+ so meeting players wont be a common occurrence.

When doing clue scrolls, bring the clue use a meerkat familiar to find the coordinates/dig. Try to keep it simple if going the 3-4 item route. Food can be used but if a PK’er wants to they will easily overtake so food is not going to protect from them. Teleports work up until 25 wild, so be aware of that if going beyond that point. Also a note that should be taken on clues: do the casket in a safezone once outside of the wilderness so

Fighting boss NPC’s in the wild is extremely dangerous. When going to fight a boss, make sure items kept on death are correct. Auto-retaliate should also be off in case a team tries to interfere so an accidental skull doesn’t happen. A common way players lose items in the wilderness is getting a drop and it protecting over some of the previous “kept on death” items. Going with welfare gear may help counter this so if you are KO’ed the good drops will protect over the welfare gear.

One place many people go to for millions in the wilderness is the reverent cave. Survival in this dungeon is tough. Most of it is multi-way combat and clans camp the grounds on different worlds praying on players that are not ready for combat with PK’ers. The best way to combat clans is to bring a glory, black dragonhide, whip, a helm, and a good shield along with sharks and possibly a yak familiar pouch to bank any drops gained from the rev’s as most of them are 1m+ at the moment. Any beast of burden familiar will do to carry extra supplies such as food to stay longer in the dungeon. If found in an event of a clan massacre, head south through the winding tunnels and teleport or log out as soon as possible. A forinthry brace is a great piece of equipment to bring also to keep the revs off when PK’ers are attacking. It would be very sad for a rev to catch a freeze and die because of that.

Another thing to watch out for is any suspicious activities having to do in the wilderness. If following the wilderness wall and a cash piles pops up, do not go after it. It may look like a lot of cash but in actuality it is 10k. This, to the unknowing new player, is called a lure. Most likely there is a clan within view of that 10k and will freeze the player, tele-block them, and then probably kill them within a few moments. Another lure example is finding dragon battleaxes or other high alch value item, (The best item is an ancient statuette because it protects over every item in the game) and picking it up. A team will close in and kill the player that picked up the items, and the player will end up losing any high valued items and keep the ‘lure’ items. To keep away from being lured it is best to use common sense, and not go after things that are too good to be true. Also, if on a world that is not your fluent language, teleport yourself to places and don’t allow others do it for you. The most common lure is for a clan to set up on a german world and teleport random players to ice plateau. On a german world the warning message is in german, so english players wont understand and teleport along with the PK’er. The player will lose anything on them at that moment.

As always, the number one rule of the wilderness is to never take any items that you don’t mind losing! There is always that chance of a miss-click and die after being skulled with that click.

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