So Long September

posted by on 3rd October 2016, at 10:00am | Discuss Article

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of the RsBandB Informer Roundup! We had a few articles this month to tickle your fancy, especially considering all the news we heard out of Runefest! In reverse order, Mr Bistro finished off the month by looking at Jagex’s Release Plan for the rest of the year. Similarly, Tanis gave us an inside look at a few proposed changes brought up at Runefest, and how they would affect the game. On another note, Alex brought us relief from The Grind, and how to make the time spent worthwhile. On an entirely different note altogether, Colton gave us An Overview of Wine and how enjoyable it can be. Remember to enjoy responsibly!

In our Magic Skill of the Month, a very strong magician avada kedavra’d his way to the top of the charts with a stupefying 18.7M xp! Yer a wizard, Supercclank! Congratulations on your win!

Jaden came in 2nd with 9.8M xp, and Pyrnassius took third with 6.3M.

That’s all from us, we’ll see you in this same place in a month!

King Kulla and the Informer Team