It’s D end of December!

posted by on 3rd January 2016, at 1:14am | Discuss Article

Hi RSBandBers!

We had a quiet and relaxing December at Rsbandb, hopefully yours was great as well!

Mr Bistro fittingly plunged into the month with his article titled “The Month before the Plunge“, which is all about the upcoming new skill to be released this month: Invention! Next, Alex wrote a “Year End Analysis” about all of the events that happened in Runescape in the past 12 months, including Runelabs, expansion of areas like the Ports, and new quests like The Light Within, as well as others. Tanis gave us a good list of “Five Games To Check Out On Your Winter Vacation“, including some very interesting looking free games! Finally, Colton went a bit off board and gave us some wine in “Winemaking in a Nutshell“, including his experiences growing up around wine, how he became interested in it as a hobby, and an introduction on how to make it!

In the latest Skill of the Month, Pyrnassius successfully defended his lead of 10.2M Defence XP against all comers. Congratulations, here is your trophy:

Also if you have a desire to join our writing team, we are looking for at least one new individual to write about RuneScape! Please apply, here’s how:

  • Write a 750 word minimum article about Jagex’s 15 Years of RuneScape celebration (avoid news post re-hashes) or tell the readers about your favourite non-combat feature currently in game.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for: pictures and other rich media, pizzazz, and a willingness to go against conventional player, community, or Jagex wisdom.
  • Send the article to Shane or Myself on the forums
  • Include your Runescape name, country, timezone, and the easiest way to contact you!

That’s all from me, hope you guys have a good January, we’ll see you again in a month or so!

King Kulla